Why WWE Aired Truth Video on RAW, Tyson Kidd Update, Daniel Bryan

– The reason WWE played R-Truth’s video package on RAW yesterday was because the company are aware that his new song is not nearly as over like his original, and they want to change that by trying to teach people the lyrics so they will sing along to it.

– Although it was implied on RAW last night, the plan as of today was for Tyson Kidd not to turn heel.

– Last night may have not been the last of Daniel Bryan “The Ladies Man.”

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  • Murmer

    i hope this “Ladies Man” thing doesn’t turn Bryan’s gimmick into a complete joke. it would work if they had him do some comedy segments every once in a while about this, but still be able to be taken seriously in the ring.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    why boder a year from now truth is still going to be a jobber truth why wont you quit and come back to tna p.s. vince that us title was complete b.s. he should be us champ now unlike bryan pops up out of no were and becames champ already p.s. i did/do my resurch on the kid but he hasnt really did anything in the wwe

  • Nazi killer

    The Krunk song sucks. I don.t really like the song but at least What.s Up was catchy. Easy to know the words. And keep Eve and her lame dancing off the screen. Get a diva that used to be a stripper. Lol

  • Leon

    I totally agree with Nazi killer. “Krunk” does suck. It’s too slow and bland. “What’s Up” was an adrenaline builder. You hear that song and you get excited to see R-Truth. The only reason why they changed his theme is so that they can work on the next WWE theme compilation CD. So, get ready to see more wrestlers come out to new themes. The only ones I hope they don’t change are Chris Jericho’s, Triple H’s, kind of iffy about CM Punk’s, and dare I say Zack Ryder’s.

  • ballsack

    Get krunk – fails

    Eve torres dancing to that sucky shit- major fail

  • Murmer

    yeah Eve dancing is just as retarded as the song. R Truth is pretty good in the ring though, i think. however.. why was it too early to make Bryan u.s. champion? are wrestlers supposed to go through 2 years for the united states title now? it isnt the world title man… come on. he cut impressive promos with michael cole and miz in nxt, his name was being chanted during a main event on ppv involving CENA and ORTON (their biggest draws) so i wouldnt complain with the WWE putting a belt on him.

  • ballsack

    you know what screw the both of you idiots, you have no respect for owen, eddie, or benoit. Why bother being on here saying dumb shit about them when theyre not alive anymore? K law i dont fucken understand you but sheamus who is using his name, oh man go ahead and do all the threats all you like over the internet like the little pale looking bitch cunt you are. I hope satan comes and destroy you himself you gutless fucktard. Youre nothing but wasted sperm cell. Your mom should have swallowed you dads load

  • ballsack

    other wise you wouldnt have been born paled shameass fuck.

  • The Mike

    Did the wrestlescoop ppl just wipe sheamus/k law off the site? thats too fuckn funny


    WTF?! Daniel Bryan? The Ladies Man?! LMMFAO! That s bout da dumbest thing i ve ever heard of since dude love! and just as time wasting!

  • ballsack

    oh thank god those were wiped off, how dare they disrespect those wrestlers. I apologize for my out burst but those two seriously got me in a rage when they dissed owen, eddie, and chris. Those guys have done alot for the buisness and to have shameass dis them is stupid!

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