Hart Dynasty Heel Turn Update, Why Jackson Is On Team RAW, More

– WWE was originally planning to turn David Hart Smith heel against Tyson Kidd and Natalya to break up The Hart Dynasty. After last night’s RAW, it appears they may be reversing the roles as Tyson was playing the heel role.

– Apparently the fan tidbit from yesterday regarding Owen Hart as The Blue Blazer on WWE’s new High Flyers DVD was incorrect. A few fans in possession of the DVD sent word that he is nowhere to be found on it.

– Ezekiel Jackson was given the spot on Team RAW at Bragging Rights because Mark Henry couldn’t make a 100% commitment for Sunday’s pay-per-view. As noted before, Henry’s brother has been fighting for his life after suffering a stroke on October 3rd.

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  • lawrence

    Sheamus u Fucken wanabe the lad wants to be a wrestler an he maybe size is nothin look at reymysterio kaval there small an they made it least Jessie isn’t pretending to b sum1 he his not

    And fuck sheamus

  • wasuup

    Can you fucker’s please go back to school and learn basic english.

  • lawrence

    I’ve finished school lad

  • The Mike

    For real jessie? hate violence? then why wrestle when you could play golf or tennis. oh i got it table tennis(if you can see over the table). Yes, wwe has some small superstars but their not 5 2 & a 120. my pit bull is bigger than you, you will get hurt badly. so i say to you, dont quit you job(if you have one).

  • sheamus

    im going to put my irish cock in jesses fucking pussy. fucking girl he needs to fucking grow a penis before he goes into wrestling.

  • lawrence

    Cmon leave the lad alone I hope he makes it to prove u all wrong

  • Thw Mike

    Im not tryn too put or keep the “lad” down, just sayn how it is, he has a good chance of getn hurt bad. we have ppl out there that think they are tough enough for football then get hurt and cant walk again, its not worth it. go take media and writing classes then work for wwe writing.

  • lawrence

    Yeah mike I agree but ya can get hurt doin nyfin

  • K Law

    I think Tyson would make a better heel then D H Smith.

  • The Mike

    If you can get seriously hurt by doin nothing, you shouldnt play contact sports.

  • ballsack

    good luck becoming a wrestler dude. And dont listen to that jackass sheamus, his just an internet douchebag who has nothing better to do than start fights with people OVER THE INTERNET like a little grade school cunt.


    Ay? Ay Lameass! Yeah I said Lameass cause u damn sure ain t Sheamus whom if u were to meet wud kill and destroy u if he knew u waz tryin ta imitate him on the web,although i do agree with your dissing of Justin Bieber, but seriously man stop imitating and start originating And as for Jessie man no offense but u don t like violence but u want ta wrestle ! good luck with that


    Once again no respect shown to OWEN HART OR THE HART FAMILY! Disgusting!

  • *%$+¢!?

    Everytime wwe uses anything owen hart, his wife sues. wwe would have put out a tribute to owen, but she dont want wwe to have anything to do with wwe according to the wrongful death lawsuit years ago and suing wwe again recently.

  • K Law

    Wow… I didn’t read Jessie’s story and I must say… Its all bullshit… You guys are beyond stupid. How the fuck do you believe his load of garbage? He hates violence yet he wants to wrestle and all of you believe his story… Bunch of fucking Hallmark card bitches. You fucked each and every one of you. If ANY of you had any brains, you would know his dreams were dead as soon as he thought of them. Like WWE would really let a fat 5’2, 120 retard into the WWE, be the champion and challenge Undertaker at WM? Give me a fucking break.

    And who said you had to have respect for a dead guy?

  • lawrence

    Wow hello k law ya Fucken queg …. wwe is not violent it is fake its entertainment how ever ufc is violent so if Jessie sed bout ufc then rip in2 him but back off

  • The Mike

    K law you ignominous ignoramus. The only hallmark card bitch is your drama queen ass. Of course jessie full of shit just like you are, we dont need an overbearing fag to tell us. And for you having no respect for fellow man, its no suprize you have no respect for the dead. Give US a fucking break.

  • MR

    You realise that Jessie is probably a she, right? Either that or a clever troll.

    I wrestle, hated the Attitude era and stopped watching wrestling for a decade until they stopped colouring in every other match. Wrestling can be done well without having to resort to tacky, graphic violence.

  • ballsack

    k law you really are an ass if you dont have any respect for what owen hart has done.

  • The Mike

    WTF? whats missing? and how?

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