WWE Confirms Bourne Injury, Owen Hart on a New WWE DVD

– Owen Hart as The Blue Blazer is featured on WWE’s new High Flyers DVD.

– WWE confirmed the injury to Evan Bourne today on their website. WWE is saying that the injury came from CM Punk on last week’s RAW when we know that he was already injured. Here’s what they wrote:

“Evan Bourne suffered a torn rotator cuff last week after losing his match with CM Punk. When the bout ended, Punk continued to attack the high flyer outside of the ring. As a result, Bourne will require surgery and is scheduled to be out of competition for four months.”

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  • Explosion

    Its about time the WWE paid some tribute to the Rocket Owen Hart, who is and all ways will be 1 of my favourite wrestlers of all time and should have been a World Champion and rumour has it he was going to be.

  • http://SandstormsVault.blogspot.com

    rip Owen

  • K Law

    Owen wasn’t good enough… too bad, so not fucking sad. Just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean he deserved to be a world champion consider after Bret and everyone else in his family left, he was feuding with a fucking pimp. Wow… That’s really World title worthy… feuding with a pimp and dressed like a jackass.

  • Murmer

    um.. owen was a very talented wrestler in my opinion. and could definitely cut a better promo than his brother. no one has insinuated in any of the comments that he deserved to be a world champion because he is dead now.

  • K Law

    I believe Explosion said, and I quote…. “should have been a World Champion”… sounds like he was indicating Owen being a world champion to me. Not saying Owen didn’t have talent because he did but WWE never saw him as a World champion. They had plenty of opportunities to put the belt on him and they chose a different route each time.

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