Vince McMahon on RAW Tonight, Christian Injury Update

– According to WWE’s official website, Vince McMahon will be on RAW tonight for a “special announcement.”

– In an update on his condition following surgery on his torn pectoral muscle, Christian tweeted, “Some good progress for the 1st month.. Still a long road ahead.”

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  • OneThug4Life

    I luv it when Vince appears on RAW with an announcement. There usually something big… Perhaps something about the GM?

  • Lou

    Maybe the big announcement has to do with Linda and the WWE getting bashed by her political opponent. I believe it’s called “Stand up for WWE” or some BS. If he even mentions it once I will change the channel and not go back. Good luck Linda but I don’t live in Connecticut and couldn’t care less if you win. Focus on the piss poor TV WWE is producing Vince.


    I agree with Lou

  • Jerry

    No Vince McMahon or Brett “the hitman” Hart on Monday Night Raw on Monday Oct.18th,2010 …Wow what happen here OMGGGG.Cena needs to kick Wade Barrett’s butt all over ring.Needs to stand up and be a man.

  • K Law

    Cena has a family to feed. He’s not stupid. He’ll find a way out of Nexus. Its not over yet… Was disappointed that Vince wasn’t on but the video package was good. despite WWE being PG14, all you guys watch anyways.

  • Ballsack

    talk about miss informed, information here on bret and vince being right wasnt very accurate. One word, FAIL.

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