Update on WWE and Bluray, New WWE Game Controllers Announced

– Disc 2 of WWE’s Bluray edition of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will contain the September 27th episode of Monday Night RAW and the October 1st episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

– WWE will indeed be releasing the Bragging Rights pay-per-view on Blueray this year. It looks as if WWE is planning on releasing all pay-per-views on Bluray from here on out, at least in Canada and Europe. While no US retailers are listing the Bluray editions yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t be released in the States.

– Mad Catz announced today that they have signed a multi-year deal with THQ and will be releasing FightStick and FightPad video game accessories for WWE’s upcoming All Stars game that comes out in early 2011.

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