SmackDown Main Event Announced, R-Truth Misses RAW, More

– Matches taped before RAW tonight for this week’s WWE Superstars were William Regal vs. Darren Young and The Usos vs. Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella.

– While video and photos revealed that CM Punk was rocking blonde hair over the weekend, he was not sporting the look on tonight’s RAW.

– WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane has been announced for this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

– R-Truth is still a member of Team RAW, despite not being on RAW tonight. Truth is not at this week’s tapings since he’s not allowed in Canada because of his criminal record.

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  • the pope manairo dinero

    truth why are you still in wwe come back to tna were you will be tna world heavyweight champion and show case your real RAW talent

  • K Law

    Why is Superstars a constant repeat?

  • JOE

    K-Law why wasn’t the sex tape of you and Cena not in the DVD release????
    Sheamus wanted to know but was to afraid to ask you after all he did all the hard work of fluffing you two to get ready for it…(I think he’s a little embarrassed). Now comes the part where you give me a really lame come back that involves my mom my dad my brother my sister my uncle my aunt any one of my many cousins oh wait lets not forget my grandpa or grandma….or maybe even my pet dog you sick little fucker heres a piece of advice move out of Mommy’s basement and get a life you little no talent fuck

  • *%$+¢!?

    LMAO @ R-truth not allowed in canada. if we could ban him here, that would be great!

  • AlyCat

    R-Truth is a stand-up guy. Recently, my son and I attended a show and before the show, Truth signed autographs for 30 minutes or more and did so with a smile. Unless I witness otherwise, he’s alright in my book.

  • ballsack

    oh enough of this childish games man. Would please stop with the insults. This site is about wrestling, not some pre-school crap.

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