Batista Close to Signing with Strikeforce, Hardcore Holly’s New Tat

– Former WWE talent Dave Bautista (a/k/a Batista) said during a radio interview this morning with DC101 that he is close to signing with Strikeforce to compete in mixed martial arts. The former WWE Champion noted that both sides agreed on a monetary figure last week and that he hopes to have a deal done soon so that he can fight on their March show.

– A picture has surfaced online of former WWE star Hardcore Holly at an independent event sporting a large tattoo over the left side of his torso. Below is the photo:

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  • Marlin

    well i am glad that the animal wants to peruse other endeavors but he will just always be compared to lesnar no matter how good he is. i think he is just going to do the 1 fight and come back to the WWE where he belongs. i am a huge WWE fan i am actually working on getting in myself, but ever since batista left it has been very dull around the WWE. The most exciting thing is the battle between undertaker and kane. the whole cena joining nexus thing is kinda dumb cuz they arent letting cena do anything worth watching. so i think that the animal needs to return and cause a little chaos and spice the WWE up agian!

  • The real kryptonite

    well holly will be in tna soon

  • big will

    hardcore holly nice ink!

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