Vince Teaching Weekly Classes?, Batista on Chuck, Khali

– According to a report on, newly called-up WWE wrestlers as well as lower-card wrestlers are required to attend a weekly “promo class” directed by Vince McMahon where he instructs them on how to conduct promos. One person noted that the instruction varies from week-to-week as McMahon cannot make up his mind on what he wants.

– The official WWE website is promoting former WWE Superstar Batista’s appearance on NBC’s action-comedy series Chuck this Monday at 8/7 CT.

– The Great Khali was introduced Saturday as a contestant on the reality television show Bigg Boss, which is the Indian version of Big Brother. During an interview with, the WWE Superstar explained why he took up the offer to appear on the program.

“I took it up because my wife wanted me to participate in the show,” he said. “Plus, people have always known me as a wrestler or an actor, not as a person. Through this show, I will reach out to my fans and they will know me as I am.”

He also stated he will miss his family while he’s away.

“I will miss my wife; I am so used to her being around. She manages my work and everything. So I will miss her every moment. Plus, my parents and friends, as they have been always there with me,” he said.




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  • m m

    khali is an actor?haha khali is a wrestler?! hahahahahaha

  • m m

    how many moves do you perform??? i think only 3. chops, big boot, and ur vice grip..thats all.

  • Rob Angle

    Hey add double handed lifted chokeslam.which means he has got 4 moves…wow,khali you are the real star man.with only four moves u r a former world champ.hats off wwe….this shows ur class these days…oh,i just realised that ur biggest star cena a total of five moves….may be ur next big star will come with only one move….

  • joeisrael

    lol i agree mr angle !!!

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