Video: Matt Hardy’s WWE Farewell Address




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  • willetterocks

    good for you matt. now go reunite with jeff, and take tna by storm!

  • outsidergold

    matt hardy sucks, but honestly… good luck to him with his proyects

  • insanegunna2g1

    he only sucks because he wasnt used right in wwe . when his non complete clause is up and he reunites the hardy boyz in tna , hes gonna show his true and great abilities .

  • KEN

    Go to TNA Matt just like every other washed up WWE superstar…. WWE will be better off with out you, you werent being treated mediocre by WWE because your last name is Hardy…..its because you suck….. So go to TNA just like all the other washed up WWE stars, in 2 years or so you and Jeff will be begging to come back to WWE just like Christian did…..Good Riddance

  • Justin

    How was your interaction with Adam Copland in more recent years up to your release?

  • Psycaholic

    wow… What an ass… Hey bud, i know you don’t have a job an all and drug testing is done, but couldn’t u wait until after this to do a few lines, damn it didn’t take 10 seconds before he was rubbin his nose.

  • Snake Eyez

    Thanks for the memories of the TLC matches .. good luck…

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