WWE Pulls Foley/Mickie, Jeff Hardy Blasts WWE

– During an interview with the Daily Star, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy railed World Wrestling Entertainment for their treatment of his brother Matt.

“I’m not going to give WWE their props for the way they’ve dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he’s been given the run-around. They’ve treated him like sh*t.

“I think if he came here, you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now.”

– The official WWE website has removed both Mick Foley and Mickie James from its Alumni site. Foley was recently added back to the section while James debuted last week for TNA Wrestling. It is company protocol to remove former WWE performers who appear for the rival promotion.

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  • Dorie Smith

    Jeff Hardy (Comment on WWE Wrestling’s Treatment of his Brother Matt Hardy)
    I Completely 100% Agree With Everything TNA World Heavyweight Champion Wrestler Jeff Hardy Said in the Daily Star!! He had Every Right to Blast the WWE!!! WWE Has Treated Matt Hardy Unfairly & Since Matt hasn’t been on Friday Night Smackdown Lately it’s Went Downhill Fast & isn’t Worth Watching!!! Get With it Vince & Start Treating Matt Hardy like the Talent he is before you Lose Money, Rateings & Most of All True Matt Hardy Wrestling Fans Like Me!!!
    A Mattitude Follower,

  • annonymous

    Hey Dorie…
    WWE and Vince McMahon treated Matt Hardy exactly the way he was acting.. Like a petulant child..
    Then they released him.. Get over it!!

  • Ballsack

    yeah, his ass was released stupid. He aint working for vince no more. He most likely will join his brother.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    jeff hard has spoken

  • steven

    ppl want to go to tna because when they get doing drugs nothing happens

  • Johnson

    They want to go to TNA because TNA doesnt suck so much ass

  • Alex

    tna’s given the heavyweight title to two former wwe superstars who have been in tna (or returned in hardy’s case) for under a year. Their main event at their “flagship” pay per view was with 3 former wwe superstars. they need to stop ignoring their own talent and give people like Matt Morgan a chance! I’m a huge matt hardy fan, but i dont want him to go to tna because then that’d ruin the chances for all the younger guys who have stuck with tna throughout all the shit! Matt complained about never getting a fair shot, what about amazing red??? He had a 2 day x division title reign and hasnt appeared on impact in weeks! What about jay lethal? and creed? and not to mention the highly underrated homicide? all ignored because tna got some heavy wwe talent.

  • Macky Gemini`

    Dorie in case you u miss it was matt who was whinning like a baby on twitter and on his video blog
    by the way i hated matt all the time when he was in hardy boys when he turned his back on his brother heck i hate matt hardy all the time
    and now jeff is going on the same line as his brother whinning and complaining all the time

  • OneThug4Life

    Matt hardy is a dickhead and Jeff hardy needs to go kill himself. TNA blows balls bigger then Bobby Lashley’s biceps. All former WWE employees run TNA. Its the new WCW after the downfall. TNA won’t make it to 2012.

  • Lou

    In all honesty I now know why Lita cheated on Matt. He’s a bitch plain and simple. I hope to never see him again. And the last blast Jeff had was off a crack pipe. Worry about TNA you friggin junkie fuck.

  • Rev. Col. K.D. Frazier

    Well; I do believe that it is quite CHILDISH for the WWE to remove top stars names from the alumni section when they go to another promotion, namely TNA .. That is like a kid not speaking to his friend because his friend has another friend that he plays with …
    Matt did give his all to the WWE ; BUT in all of his loyal years there ; he was never given a World Title ;which he should have had ….. at least ONE run with.
    I do believe that in about 90 days ; we will see Matt debut with TNA and we will see the return of the Hardy Boyz …
    Ok; so Matt , as well as Jeff said some imature things about the WWE .. Big F’n Deal … the way that the WWE has treated them off ‘n on .. That is just part of the busiiness ..so get over it .
    The fact that Matt did THANK the WWE and even Vince , personally .. is enough to show that he was / is man enough and appreciates the opportunities that Vince ‘n Company gave him ….
    So; when all is said and done; I don’t see why all the Jeff and Matt Hardy Bashing goiing on around here …
    I am 61 years young and have been a wrestling fan since I was just FIVE years old … worked a short time in PR for the business, had a wrestling group for SEVEN Years etc .. .. and feel qualified to make my remarks .. not talking out my A** like some of the remarks I’ve seen here ..
    We can only wish Matt and Jeff the very best in TNA !!

  • Ballsack

    you have my respects mr 61 year old. I must show my respect to elders cause they know much more then we do.

  • K Law

    [email protected] Ballsack…

    That 61 year old fool knows nothing… Not EVERY fucking wrestler deserves a world title run. Matt Hardy was DEFINITELY one of them who didn’t deserve it. Be happy he was the ECW champion lol…. He was nothing special. His gimmick was wack. He only did basic moves. He wasn’t the daredevil his brother Jeff was. His mic skills wasn’t much. Everyone knows Edge and Lita made him famous upon his return to feud with them. If he would he returned on his own, he wouldn’t had achieved much.

    Even if Matt goes to TNA, if Jeff Hardy is still heel, I doubt TNA will screw that up for a Hardys reunion right off the bat… Nothing special about them reuniting and becoming TNA Tag Champions. Just shows TNA continues to bury their own. Just shows TNA makes stupid moves.

  • Rev. Col. K.D. Frazier

    Well; it appears that Mr. or Miss K. Law is still in middle school or maybe even elementary school and has NO clue on the operations of a wrestling organization ….
    Maybe after he / she grows up and gets dry behind the ears and quits wearing diapers … that they will understand that Matt hardy was a good wrestler for the WWE until he decided that he wated out since he NEVER got the push that he deserved …
    IF and when Matt goes to the WWE ; I’m certain that Jeff will have to drop the title so they can reform the Hardy Boyz and take the TNA Tag titles …

  • The original kryptonite

    Yes, ms.k law is still in school.she knows nothing about wrestling.its quite unfortunate that i personally know her,and she is my friend.but beleive me guys,she is not that much stupid as she appears to be

  • The real kryptonite

    come on! why does everyone have to post as me!? wtf anyway, im gonna talk about the topic at hand, not the douchebags commenting it…well not much to say here except i have to agree with jeff hardy on this one, and im excited to see matt hardy arive in TNA i think its a place where he can make it to the top,and from there evolve into a much bigger star. mick foley and mjames shit shouldv been pulled the days they were both offically signed to tna. and i dont think wwe shouldv plugged foleys book, theres a ton of people who dont know or care about him.they probaly gave a little more exposure to tna for having foley, goddam

  • Ballsack

    haha chill K Law, i dont want no more problems with you, only person i hate on here is that racist jackass. Shame-ass

  • joemoefoe

    lmfao @ ballsack, shame-ass, shame-us, either way still a red woodpecker hahaha

  • ballsack

    i heard of shaved-pussy but who is sheamusty?

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