Ring Rust Review: Legacy

The WWE Women’s Championship has a lineage dating back to 1983 when The Fabulous Moolah sold the then NWA Women’s Championship to Vince McMahon keeping her as champion.  Since that time it has had an interesting history being “deactivated” twice first IN 1990 when then champion Rokin’ Robin left the WWE and then a few years later when Medusa (Alundra Blayze) joined WCW and threw the title in the trash during a live Nitro.  Arguably the most successful champion would have to be Trish Status who held the title a total of nine times during the “attitude era”.  In 2010 the title with such a rich history was retired in a unification match with the newer “Diva’s” tile whose design is a tribute to WWE’s marketing division.

Some were upset by the fact that WWE retired that title and not the newer title after thinking about it I decided that it was the right call. Title reigns have a different meaning today than in the past, winning a title used to be an honor and you had to be deemed worthy,  you paid your dues and earned enough respect to be a champion. Today the belts are more of a marketing tool to “get over” the next concept or the next “big star flavor of the month”.  Using a title with the history of the WWE’s Women’s Championship in such a manner is an insult to its legacy and those who held the belt beforehand.

Unfortunate the WWE Women’s Championship is not the only championship that has been affected by this new era. The WWE World Tag Team Championship stared its lineage in 1971 under WWE’s former name The World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).   In 2002 the WWE brand split stated and the Tag Titles were exclusively defended on Raw. Smackdown then commissioned its own WWE tag team belts and thus the WWE had two different tag team champions, the original title on Raw known as the World Tag Team titles and the new belts simply known as the WWE Tag Team Championship.  The titles became “unified” in 2009 by the Colons who sported both sets of belts and in 2010 the titles were officially merged ending the line of the original title which started in 1971. Again just like the Women’s title I am glad they retired it, the WWE tag team division is a joke and the title was being used as a tool to get over whatever storyline was “hot “ at the time.

The next title rumored to be “merged” is the World title and the WWE title. Now for those who think that Vince would not dissolve the original “flagship” title then you might have to guess again. The WWE belt is just as meaningless as the others; it is around to sell toys more than to proclaim someone the best wrestler in the world.  I understand that in today’s market we can no longer have championship reigns that last for years, actually I don’t understand it being a great wrestler is what made most of the past champions great not the fact that they held the belt, putting the belt on idiot does not make him a great it just makes him an idiot with as shinny belt.  Back in the day when guys like Bruno, Backlund, or even Hulk held the belt for years and you could beat them it out of them it gave you instant credibility due to the difficulty now I will crown a new champion at the drop of a hat.

The bottom line is that in this new era of World Wrestling Entertainment the original titles would be better served retired and remembered for the greatness they represented. The legacies of great champions like The Fabulous Moolah and Trish Stratus, great tag team architects like The Road Warriors or The Wild Samoans will always be known as great champions and not just place-holders for the next big storyline.  Thank you and as always feel free to agree or disagree, until next time….let’s watch.




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  • Riff

    WWF was great! WWE not at all++++ I roll with TNA now. That whole PG rating is a joke.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    the congregation has spoken

  • Willy

    Well put mate, well put….Bit sad though about those titles being retired. They have been around and have always meant that the deserving put it. Anyways…

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