MVP Says His Star is Fading, Carlito Comments on Matt Hardy

– SmackDown’s roster page still includes Matt Hardy.

– On Hardy’s release, former WWE star Carlito tweeted, “Carlito is gone, Matt Hardy is gone! Damn @the305mvp I hope uve been training ur back!”

In response MVP tweeted, “My jaw muscles are jacked from clenching ’em to keep my mouth shut! But I’m THAT guy in the meetings now ! Lol.” He also responded to a question if he’d be in the Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown match at Bragging Rights, saying, “Doesn’t look like it. My star is fading! Lol!”

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  • The Mike

    I’m not a big Batista fan or a MVP fan. like them or not they have talent. wwe needs to aleast listen to their “talents” ideas, kinda like what TNA does which gives them a slight edge over wwe. i have to agree with most of what Batista said in the post below, the freedom to let superstars breakout or breakthrough like Stone Cold, The Rock is gone in wwe, cause they’re to buzy tell their “talents” what to do.


    Wurd! They need to be more open to suggestions from their talent cause lets face it things keep runnin like dis pple gon start walkin and goin elsewhere .where pple will actually listen!

  • *%$+¢!?

    Hey Vince, go ahead and alienate all the wrestlers you dont like, make them quit or kick em out the door. and then since your retiring belts and stuff, get rid of raw and put a new show in its place and call it cena and friends. oh and we dont want the kiddies to see violence, so make it a talk show, like the view.

  • Murmer

    I always thought MVP was overrated by fans on the internet. i mean sure when he was heel.. that was actually a perfect time to give him his huge push. but honestly, besides his mic skills hes nothing spectacular in the ring. i actually went to a live taping once and MVP was pretty sloppy.. all ive seen him really do is kick, punch, the move where he drops his opponents face onto his knee (pretty much what triple h does), his BALLIN move, a running kick near the turn buckle, and his finisher (which isnt all that effective in my opinion). hes just alright, but he doesnt necessarily NEED to be pushed, id rather see kaval, kingston, punk, bourne, bryan, morrison, del rio.

  • Murmer

    perhaps if WWE gave him a better oppurtunity to shine, he could prove me wrong. i still think its wrong to be jobbing him on smackdown, they could try giving him the ic title… but that belt doesnt seem important to me anymore because WWE’s writing and booking sucks.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    mvp your star wont fade in tna it will only rise like the other burk i know no relation but would love to see a tag team out of you to because the would be BALLLLLINNNNN/PIMMMMPINNNNN

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