Daniel Bryan Talks About His WWE Release, WrestleMania and More

Slam Wrestling has a new interview up with WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan. Here are some highlights:

The incident that led to his release: “I had never had to work on a PG show before, I got caught up in what I was doing. I got to the back and they told me that we weren’t allowed to do that kind of stuff. Vince (McMahon) called me himself and explained they were letting me go because they were a PG company and they couldn’t have that kind of behaviour. But (after I was gone), the fans, the WWE Universe. was awesome. There were Daniel Bryan chants at shows. A main event of Randy Orton and John Cena and the fans were chanting for me. ”

Receiving the news of his release: “When I got the news they had let me go, I was obviously devastated. For the next 24 hours, I thought, ‘What am I going to do, I was setting up wrestling dates … I was working on that. Then three or four days after a whirlwind of activity, I just thought, ‘What just happened?’ I just sat there and ate cupcakes for a couple of weeks.”

Returning at SummerSlam: “I was really nervous coming back, at SummerSlam. I was going to be the seventh guy (on Team WWE against The Nexus). It was a big spot to be in. SummerSlam was the highlight of my career to that point.”

His goal in WWE: “I want to main event Wrestlemania, the main event in the biggest show of the year. That’s the apex of anybody’s career. But I know that a lot of people have had that goal and a lot of people never got there.”

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  • *%$+¢!?

    PG must stand for “Pertty Gay”. And how can you be a rated R superstar on a PG program. can you at least bump it up to PG-13. And what kind of nasty cupcakes that veggan bryan eating? eeeeeewwwwww!

  • Murmer

    ^^ what an asinine statement. pertty gay?.. I’d say you most likely have a lot in common with the writers in WWE.

    anyways.. id love to see Bryan main event wrestlemania. he deserves it in my opinion, he has put on some of the best matches ive ever seen before WWE, and so far hes proven he still has it. him against CM Punk at wrestlemania would be a dream match for me.

  • OneThug4Life

    Daniel is good but not good enough to main event Wrestlemania. He hasn’t done shit but win a worthless title in the US title. That nigga needs to get more experience under his belt.

  • old school

    You know what I love and wwe has knowbody who can do it anymore,wrestle.tna has better in ring performers and wwe has better actors witch still make it more watchable.daniel bryan is the closest to a tech wrestler wwe has had in a while.

  • Rob Angle

    Ya,daniel brayn is a good technical wrestler indeed….i have seen a youtube footage of his unmatchable moves but what is wwe allowing him to do….cross face? I am not saying that crossface is a lame thing,but come on,he has better moves in his kitty….but one thing i must agree,he has got no mic skill,that sucks

  • K Law

    I disagree with you old school… WWE has better performers. I haven’t seen a good wrestling match in TNA in a long time. Now and days its mostly gimmick matches and using weapons. TNA matches barely last over 5 minutes.

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