Batista Speaks on Why He Left WWE and More

– Batista recently spoke to ESPN and mentioned WWE and a possible return to wrestling, with highlights below:

Why He Left WWE: “I didn’t agree with the direction the company was going in. It was geared more toward the PG rating. I fell in love with wrestling again in the late ’90s with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson … It was edgy, and that was the kind of wrestling I knew and loved. It wasn’t like that anymore, and my passion for it died a little bit.”

Return to Wrestling: “I’m hoping the cycle will come around again, and it’ll get a little edgy and it’ll be my time to come back and shine a little bit. I love kids. I’m not anti-kids. I just don’t think kids are going to relate to me the same way they’re going to guys like John Cena, guys who are, to me, more bubblegum. There’s nothing bubblegum about me.”




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  • m m

    yeah, batista’s right! PG sucks big time..wwe is slowly becoming a kiddie’s show..i won’t be surprised if this show will be in nickelodeon in the near future.

  • mary

    wrestling has gotten a little out of hand! get rid of the divas!! if he thinks its a little pg he’s nuts. it should be family show. not rated r


    I Respectfully disagree with Mary! Sure children watch wrestling , sure they see and copy every damn thing they witness trust me i know! But If I Can Recall the days of the Attitude Era Children watched it to but the company didn t water it down and turn it into a Circus cause of this they expected that the parents wud git off their lazy rumps and monitor wat dere children watched or if they saw it Warn and Forbid them from doing wat da Hell dey saw! Just Cause Parents can t do dere jobs and properly raise dere kids and Linda Mcmahon wants ta get into the political field, doesn t mean the Adult and Mature Fanbase shud hav ta suffer! This Is WRESTLING! This Is A Man s Sport! Wrestling was meant ta b wat it was ment to b Straight Rough. I Highly agree with Batista, He was in Wwe to be a Wrestler not a Circus Clown! I m for all the children events and charity events that they sponsor i respect that but wat i can t respect is watching a Hell in a Cell or Cage match and nobody bleeds! PG Wrestling SucksAss! Ratd R


    REMINDER THIS IS A MAN S SPORT! Divas Stay and dats all i got ta say about that!

  • killarob

    Did he just compared john cena to bubblegum. How gay is that

  • Murmer

    PG rating does not ruin a company. there are indy promotions that are PG and they have much better wrestling than the attitude era ever had. its the writers for WWE that do not know what they’re doing.. i mean come on.. how hard is it to realize that the writers are what has ruined the PG era? as far as personal preference, it’s fine if you prefer the tv-14 stuff. i personally did find the attitude era to be more fun. as batista said it was edgy.. there were no limits, anything could happen. and the atmosphere of the shows was much better, in my opinion. but if thats all a wrestling fan will accept… is blood, violence, cursing, nudity.. then i think thats a bit close minded. there are other ways to have a great wrestling show.

    as for batista, i hope he slips and falls and injures himself because of the greedy whiny selfish bastard he is. kthx

  • the pope manairo dinero

    the congregation hass spoken

  • AlyCat

    Murmer, while I agree with your point regarding the writing at WWE, I don’t understand how can a person who admonishes wrestling fans for allegedly wanting the ‘blood, violence, cursing, nudity’, turn right around and call Batista a greedy, whiny selfish bastard PLUS wish him physical harm? I think Batista is calling it like he sees it. Good for him!

  • Riff™

    He needs to man up and come to the greatest wrestling Org right now and baby that’s TNA TNA TNA.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    the CONGREGATION has spoken

  • crystal

    Well, to be honest the show right now is a little crazy. I mean for little kids watching it and they have undertaker go like that, thinking hes really bad, then how sheamus took H out, its ridiculous. And i dont see how Batista can say it was to PG, i mean kids watch it they love the show just as much as adults do. And wrestling should NOT be R rated or whatever. I would not want my niece (which loves John Cena) to watch it with my, her dad wont even allow it because what it is right now..I mean its terrible. And unfair to some strict parents, it right now is wrong. And should be different somewhat. And there storylines seriously, NEXUS? that is going to far, letting Nexus beat Cena/Orton all the GREAT ones that have proven themselves. I just dont get it.. I love wwe, but what it is coming down to im getting to hate it, its predictible every ppv i know what wil happen every monday night i know just about everything that wil happen. Its sad, that you know whats going to happen before it does. It needs to be more kid friendly than it is.. And bringing all these new guys, who thinks we need them just yet? i sure dont. Im a John Cena fan, i think making him do this crap with NEXUS is bull we all seen what happen. its a dumb storyline. Then the word is hes turning heel, that will lose fans (kids mostly) i mean we love John Cena the way he is (without Nexus) he is one of the greates role models, yet wwe wants to break that.. No matter what im a Cena fan win, love, bad guy, good guy. I always will be..Some fans arent like that, but i surely am. I will root for him no matter what..

  • crystal

    Also, for whomever said about the DIVAS, they belong in wrestling to, i mean that would be discriminating against us, for all ladies that love wrestling and would want to do it, that would be unfair to do it. So yes Dicas have to stay its only right.. And most guys might watch it for the ladies LOL> Im sure some girls watch it for there favorite guy. Anyways there wouldnt be a reason to be hating on the divas, it stops us from all the man drama they have on it. Its now known as a male soap opera wwe is. I like WWE, but i also like TNA. JEFF HARDY 🙂 John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton For Life tHough<3

  • Mulloz1809

    Batista i totally agree!!! As much as i love the WWE & always will it really has lost some of the tough ‘edgy-ness’ (as you said) that was easily visible with the days of Stone Cold, The Rock, with RVD, Kurt Angle, The late great Eddie G & Mick Foley ect. With the early days of DX, The Show Stopper Shawn Michael’s & The Game tearing up the show & of course not just the early days,but all the way up untill he left Batista kept that hard ass ‘EDGY-Ness that was clearly visible in those golden years of the WWE when Stone Cold & The Rock were leading the way!!!
    BTW Dwane & Steve, God do we, the Fans, miss you Both!!!!!!!!
    Dave Batista I genuinely hope that the WWE returns from its little stint in Bubblegum land & comes back to tearing up the telly so we can see you Batista Bombing the WWE roster once again! Miss Ya

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