WWE Releases Matt Hardy

– WWE announced today that Matt Hardy has been officially released from the company. Their statement reads:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy, effective as of October 15, 2010. WWE wishes Matt Hardy the best in his future endeavors.:

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the situation, writing on Twitter:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy. Know no details just that fact. Good luck to Matt. Probably best 4 all involved.”




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  • Titoveli -Thug Life Outlawz- Mi Mundo Ent

    will watch tna from now on

  • warrior

    hey matt news flash u suck overratted midcard jobber have fun with yur drughead brother on that othe wrestling show

  • C-Dub

    hey warrior thanks for jacking someones name and thinking your actually tough when your a punk ass fag your the same one who liked hardy years before but now you don’t go watch the other company where John Cena can get beat down by the nexus and come back next week with no injury and the same at SummerSlam knocked out on the concrete and at a count of 9 runs back in the ring and wins a match with no sell of a injury you dick rider.

  • warrior

    hey c dub heres a news flash 4 u fuck cena fuck both hardys and fuck u 2. wait i get it u must be 1 of the 3 mattitute followers get a life bitch boy uve been dismissed jus lyk matt hardy…

  • Darius

    First of all warrior I’m a fan of the Hardy’s so fucking what. Your no better than me because of it ,and I’m no better than you because your not. Point is Matt Hardy did work his ass off for a long time ,and what did it get him shit thats what it got him. Is he the next living legend of wrestling no ,and thats not the point The point is this everyone has the right to be happy ,and if their not they should be able to go where they want to make that happen without dickheads like you spouting the flaming garbage out of their mouths because they think they have an opinion that people want to hear when thats not the case ,and for your information lately wwe has produced an inferior product ,and without guys like John Morrison, R Truth, Rey Mysterio ,and Edge they’d be completely in the crapper. And I hate to give Edge credit for anything.

  • OneThug4Life

    Matt is a fruitcake. Thats why Lita cheated on his ass. She said he had a tiny dick and it only got hard when he was around the sweaty oily guys in the lockeroom. Matt ain’t shit. Everyone knew Jeff was and would be the breakout star from the hardys. Matt is Jim Neighart. Marty Jannette. A loser. His career ain’t going nowhere. His career is just like the titanic. Sunk to the bottom of the motherfuckin ocean.

  • steven

    tna doesnt do anythin when they chach ppl doing drugs thats why ppl like rvd,jeff and loads of other ppl and plus wwe is trying to bring in loads of young talent and tna waste money on old hasbeens i havent watched tna since hogan showed up

  • Lou

    Good luck you you whiny bitch. You’ll be a midcarder if that in TNA also. Maybe you can go on the road and keep an eye on that junkie brother

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