More on Batista’s Future in Wrestling, His Acting & MMA Careers

– Batista told Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer at the recent Strikeforce event that he had not given up on his MMA career. Batista said he would not rule out WWE in the future but right now he is focusing on his acting career.

The former World Champion noted that he’s working on a movie in a few weeks and is in talks for a major movie role that would be a big boost to his career. If that deal works out, the movie would begin filming around Christmas time.

Batista has met with Strikeforce four times and they still haven’t reached a deal, mostly because of financial issues. Batista is interested in a multi-fight deal and feels he could be ready for a fight by March. He realizes that he needs to fight soon if he’s going to do it because he turns 42 in January.

Batista is interested in three fights with Strikeforce with one being a tune-up fight, the second being against someone like Bobby Lashley and if he is victorious in that fight, the third fight would be against a bigger name on pay-per-view. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker wants to put together a Lashley vs. Batista pay-per-view match and then go from there on more fights with Batista.

He also said that TNA made him some good offers but if he is going to return to pro wrestling, it will be with WWE.

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