Lance Cade’s Cause Of Death Ruled As ‘Mixed Drug Intoxication’

– Former WWE performer Lance McNaught (a/k/a Lance Cade) died on August 13, 2010 from accidentally ingesting multiple drugs combined with the effects of a an enlarged heart, according to an autopsy report from a medical examiner in San Antonio, Texas.

A staffer of the Bexar County, Texas, Medical Examiner’s Office said of McNaught’s death to The New Haven Register in Connecticut: “The cause was ruled mixed drug intoxication, complicating a cardiomyopathy.” His death was ruled accidental.

The medical examiner’s report does not indicate whether McNaught’s use of anabolic steroids contributed to cardiomyopathy, which has been linked to steroid abuse.

Robert Zimmerman, a spokesman for World Wrestling Entertainment, told the newspaper that WWE obtained e-mails written by McNaught to a fellow wrestler, saying he had ordered two types of steroids in March and expected to fail a drug test.

McNaught was released from WWE in October 2008, then rehired in September 2009. He was sent to drug rehabilitation at his request, but was released a second time in April.




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