Latest on WWE Unifying Titles, Khali Confirmed for TV Show

– It has been confirmed that The Great Khali will appear on the ongoing fourth season of the Indian version of television reality show Big Brother, Bigg Boss. The WWE Superstar will be introduced as the twelfth inmate when the show airs on Saturday. He (Khali) is known for his strength in the wrestling ring but, with this show, his fans will get to see a part of his life as they watch him eat, sleep, laugh and interact with other contestants,” said WWE executive vice president Andrew Whitaker.

– According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, there is conflicting discussion as to whether World Wrestling Entertainment will unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII. While it was a big topic of conversation a few weeks ago, a well-placed source is skeptical as to whether company officials will follow through with the idea.

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  • K Law

    They shouldn’t… It’ll be a clusterfuck to have one major world title and several main eventers all wanting a shot. Then people will get upset when main eventers have to move down to take mid card championships… Then that leaves the fresh new talent on the outskirts…

  • K LAW

    Sorry for my previous rant, i was getting ass fucked and wanted to vent.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    I think they should keep Championships separate ,but hell theymaybe should unify the Belt and have Raw/Smackdown be like it use 2 be with everyone on both brands.The move 2 Scify need ratings

  • K Law

    Once again, the real K Law gets one point… The special ed bitch pretending to be me gets zero.

    Name ain’t in all caps asshole! Epic fail besides your birth…

  • warrior

    once again k law is rite i cant c guys lyk evan bourne ted jr cody rhodes drew mcntire etc ever getting title shot with the steriod stars around if thers only 1 heavyweight title.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    once this happens its gonna be even harder for med-level guy to get pushe upto the main event seen let alon ever get the chance to be the world champ p.s. you can for about ever seeing a BLACK wrestler as world champion now mvp,kofi kingstun,mark henry maybe JUST maybe if they pull a king-boooka

  • C-Dub

    the rock was champ and k law send something else that is homo/pedophile perv i will and hope everyone else joins raw the shit out of you and make you get off this site forever at least with the gay shit who runs this site.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    i was thinking some body 100% black but …….huh…….wwe/vince…heys…….rcit…… yeah.

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