Hayes Behind Taker/Kane HIAC Match, Original Bragging Rights Plans

– Based on the initial advertisement that was cut for Bragging Rights, the original plan was for John Cena and Big Show to be the respective captains of RAW and Smackdown.

– It is said that creative writer Michael Hayes brainstormed the finish to The Undertaker vs. Kane match at Hell in a Cell, which saw Paul Bearer turn on “The Deadman” by using the mystical urn’s “mysterious incandescence” to weaken him. Bearer then handed Kane the object, which he then used as a weapon.

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Source: Wrestling Observer




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  • The Mike

    Hayes had to “brainstorm” for that.

  • annonymous

    Michael Hayes is a ‘brainfart’….

  • m m

    haha.very creative hayes..very creative.boring matches in the last hell in a cell ppv. specially taker vs. kane.

  • Mr.Hill

    Yes Michael Hayes felt the Mighty Undertaker had to be beaten by a Fat Man with a Big Flashlight…That’s right, A BIG FUCKING FLASHLIGHT! All these years people have been trying to out fight him when all they needed was that big urn flashlight.

  • Bracey

    It was so fucking obvious what was going to happen, I just wish guys like the Undertaker would just say no fucking way am I going with that finish!

  • the pope manairo dinero

    why his his ass still working for wwe

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