GCF Impact Raw – October 13, 2010

It is that time again GCF Fans, Impact Raw is here! We are getting closer and closer to Resurrection on October 24; it’s going to be a great PPV. If you have any ideas or feedback, email me at [email protected]. I am really sorry that the match are not as long as usual, I am going through a family problem, so I don’t have a ton of time, but next week, I promise you the same great matches Impact Raw has ever week!  Let’s get started shall we?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Impact Raw live in the Allstate Arena! I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and Chicago is going crazy for GCF tonight!”  “I know Cole! These fans are going nuts tonight!”  “Even though these fans are cheering Tazz, you know exactly what they are thinking, Why did Angle, Benjamin, Haas, and Kevin Nash unite to attack Samoa Joe and the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge?”   “I have absolutely no idea Cole, but from what I am told, Kurt has asked for some time right now, to explain exactly what happened last week.”  Angle’s music hits and all four men walk down the ramp to rounds of boos. “Well here they come Tazz, and you know Edge and Joe are watching.” All four men get into the ring, and Angle grabs a mic. “Ever since GCF started, I have been assembling an alliance. These three men are the best GCF has to offer. Shelton and Charlie are the World’s Greatest Tag Team, and Kevin Nash is a legend. These men are here for one reason, to get me the World Heavyweight Title. They have all agreed to help me. You see…” You think you know me! Edge walks out to an amazing reaction from the crowd. Angle shouts into his mic, “You won’t even let me finish?!” Edge walks down the ramp with his title draped on his shoulder. Edge slides into the ring, and bumps shoulders with Angle on his walk over to get the mic. Edge talks into the mic, “Alright I tried Kurt, I really did try. I thought I could get through one of your famous boring speeches, but I just couldn’t. So I just wanted to come out here, and insert myself into this talk. Well actually, I don’t have anything to say, so how about I just do this?” Edge bashes the mic into Angle’s skull, and begins the attack, but the other three men pull Edge off. Haas, Benjamin and Nash beat down on Edge, until Samoa Joe runs down the ramp! Joe hops into the ring and breaks the fight up, attacking everyone except Edge. Joe and Edge attack all four men until Angle’s Alliance try to escape. While they are trying to escape, Joe grabs Charlie’s pants and pulls him back into the ring. Joe throws Haas up, and Edge charges Haas and connects with a Spear! Haas falls back hard, but Joe picks him up again and puts him on the top turnbuckle! Joe puts him in Muscle Buster position, then falls and executes the move to perfection! Benjamin, Angle, and Nash retreat to the back, while Joe and Edge stare each other down in the ring. “Wow, Tazz! What a statement made by Edge and Joe! They show that they aren’t afraid of Angle’s Alliance at all.”  “Don’t forget Cole, later tonight, Edge will pick an opponent for Joe. That has got to be in the back of the head of both of those men.”  Edge and Joe have left the ring and Haas is helped to the back.
Zack Ryder’s music hits and it looks like it is time for the Triple Threat match to determine the man who will face Tyler Black for the IC Title at Resurrection.

Winner will become Number One Contender for the IC Title
Mark Henry vs. Zack Ryder vs. R-Truth

Ryder makes his way out to a lot of heat from the Chicago crowd. Zack walks up the stairs with his signature jacket and taunts to the crowd. Next out is the rapping superstar R-Truth and the fans sing along to his catchy theme song. Truth walks down the ramp, but from behind its Mark Henry! Henry pounds Truth’s back with a steel chair, and then mercilessly pounds him with the chair some more. Henry throws Truth into the ring, and then slides in himself. “Remember Cole, this match is No-DQ so that chair is perfectly legal! Haha!”  The bell rings, and Henry doesn’t pay any attention to Ryder, he just continues to attack Truth. Ryder notices that Henry doesn’t even notice him, and he sneaks over to the chair. Ryder grabs the chair and hits Mark as hard as he can on the back of the head. Mark doesn’t even fall; he just turns around and stares at Ryder. Zack goes to hit Henry again, but Henry punches the chair right into Ryder’s face! Zack goes down and Henry turns back to Truth. Henry grabs Truth’s hair and pulls him to his feet. Henry puts Truth in a World’s Strongest Slam position, and then slams him down! Henry looks like he already has this won, as he goes for the pin, One, Two, Ryder breaks it up! Henry gets right up and tries to intimidate Ryder by backing him into a corner. Right before Henry can strike; Zack falls to two knees and low blows Henry! Zack pushes the stunned Henry away, jumps up, and connects with the Ruff Ryder on the monstrous Henry! Henry rolls to the outside of the ring, and Ryder runs over to Truth. Ryder grabs Truths arm, puts him in position, and then executes the Zack Attack on Truth! Ryder confidently covers Truth, One, Two, and Three!

Winner- Zack Ryder

Zack celebrates while the fans all boo at him. Ryder turns his back to the entrance ramp, and doesn’t see Tyler Black run down the ramp. When Ryder turns around, BAM! He is hit with a perfect Superkick! Black screams to the fans and they love it. Ryder rolls out of the ring. We go to the back with Todd Grisham, while Black poses for all of the fans.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time Impact Raw Co-GM, Eric Bischoff. Eric, what are your feelings about the big decisions that Jeff Jarrett has been making without talking to you about it first?”  Todd, I am sick of it. We are Co-GM’s. That means when he makes a decision, I need to know about it first. Since he wants to make matches that I don’t have a say in, I am going to make a match. Next week, right here on Impact Raw, my favorite superstar Matt Morgan will face….. Jeff Jarrett.” Eric walks away laughing and we head back to the arena.
“It looks like Jeff Jarrett is in big trouble Tazz. Matt Morgan is a vicious competitor, and Jeff will have a big challenge ahead of him.”  “Cole, lets be honest, Matt Morgan is going to destroy Jeff Jarrett.”  “Well listen to this Tazz, I have just received word that there is a big fight going on backstage!”
In the back, AJ Styles is beating the hell out of Sheamus! Security is breaking it up, but AJ will not get off of Sheamus! They finally pull AJ off and try to get Sheamus out of there. AJ is pulled away, as is Sheamus, and the cameras pan back to the arena.
“AJ is extremely angry at Sheamus for essentially costing him the TV Title last week Tazz and it looks like he tried to get some revenge.”  Tazz laughs then says, “Yeah man, AJ got revenge the only way he knows how, fighting him!”  Hardcore Holly’s music hits and we are ready for our next match!

Hardcore Match
Hardcore Holly vs. Stevie Richards

Holly walks out to a respectful amount of cheers from the audience. Holly jumps into the ring, and then Stevie’s music hits. Stevie enters to a mixed reaction, but he doesn’t really care. Stevie runs down the ramp, slides into the ring, and goes to attack Holly. Stevie runs at Holly, but Holly reveals a hidden trash can lid, and smashes it into Richards face! Stevie falls down, and he’s bleeding! Holly throws the lid down onto the Richards, and then walks outside the ring. Holly reaches underneath the ring, and grabs a Kendo Stick and a Steel Chair! Holly gets back into the ring with his weapons, and slaps Richards on the back with the Kendo Stick! Richards hold his back, where there is now a huge red mark. Holly throws the Kendo Stick down and measures Richards for a chair shot. Richards stands, but ducks underneath the chair shot! Holly turns around, but Richards greets him by Stevie Kicking the chair right into Hardcore Holly’s face! Holly goes down, and now he is bleeding as well! Richards covers Holly, One, Two, Holly powers out! Richards slams his hands down out of frustration, and then walks to the front of Holly’s head. Richards tries to lock in General Anesthesia (Cobra Clutch), but he can’t lock it in all the way! Holly reaches his arms out and grabs the Kendo Stick, and then manages to hit Richards several times in the head until Richards lets go. Richards hold his face in pain, and Holly gets to his feet. Holly runs over to Richards, lifts him up, and the slams him down with the Alabama Slam! Holly falls on top of Richards for a pin, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner- Hardcore Holly

Holly exits the ring, and walks up the ramp. The ref chases after him, and when he catches up, he raises Holly’s hand in victory! Holly walks to the back with blood running down his face. Richards refuses help and goes to the back on his own. “What a very hardcore win for Hardcore Holly. Don’t you think Tazz?”  “All I can say is that the Hardcore Invitational is going to be awesome!” “Definitely Tazz, but I think the whole Resurrection card is going to be great!”  The commentary team run down the matches which includes, Edge vs. Joe vs. Angle for the World Title, Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio for the X Division Title, Tyler Black vs. Zack Ryder for the IC Title, Team 3D vs. The Guns vs. Chris Jericho and Christian for the Tag Titles, and finally the Hardcore Invitational for the Hardcore Championship! “All those matches are going to be great Cole, and speaking of great, Randy Orton has a match right now!”

Randy Orton vs. Santino Marella

Orton makes his way out to a deafening roar of cheers from the crowd. Orton slithers into the ring, and does his signature pose for the fans. Next, Santino comes out to plenty of cheers as well, but for some reason, he is sprinting to the ring. Santino slides in and tries to attack Orton early on, but he misses his attack and Orton performs his favorite backbreaker! Orton stalks Marella, getting ready to hit is patented RKO early on, but Santino wisely rolls out of the ring. Orton follows, and Marella charges again, but Orton uses Santino’s momentum against him by connecting with a powerslam on the outside on Marella! Santino holds his back, but Orton wastes no time by tossing him back into the ring. Santino gets to his feet using the ropes, and splits underneath Orton’s clothesline. Santino shouts to the fans, “Cobra!” Santino prepare to his the Cobra by getting his hand in position the way only he can do while Orton watches with curiosity. Santino tries to connect with the Cobra, but now Orton ducks underneath it, and when Santino turns around, RKO! Orton laughs at Santino’s antics one more time, before going for the decisive pin, One, Two, Three.

Winner- Randy Orton

Orton stands and tells the ref to raise his hand. Orton walks over to the turnbuckle to celebrate, but out of nowhere, Wade Barrett runs in, spins Orton around, puts him on his shoulders, and then slams him down with the Wasteland! All the fans boo in unison, as Barrett sends Orton a message with a vicious Wasteland! Barrett shouts some more insults at Orton before exiting the ring and arena. Orton uses the ropes to get to his knees, and he looks infuriated. Before anything else can happen, the cameras bring us to Christian and Chris Jericho’s locker room. “What are we gonna do Chris? We have to face The Guns, and Team 3D! We have like a 33 percent chance of keeping our belts! I am freaking out! I mean…”  Jericho cuts him off. “Christian, Christian, we need to look at this as an opportunity. We know that we are the best tag team in the world, and we get to show that at Resurrection. I talked to Devon; he said the deal is still on at Resurrection! We take out The Guns, and then me and you take on Team 3D without any problems!”  “Well Chris, when you put it that way, it isn’t so bad I guess!” Right then Jeff Jarrett walks in and begins to speak. “Hey guys, I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to tell you that I have decided that your match at Resurrection will now be held under Falls Count Anywhere rules. Why? I just felt like making it that way! Alright well, See You guys later!” Jeff walks out, and Christian starts freaking out again by talking very fast while Jericho rolls his eyes.
“Well I guess Jericho and Christian’s plan now has a big roadblock in front of it, good call by Jarrett, Tazz.”  “Uh, Cole, did you not hear his reasoning for making the match Falls Count Anywhere? Because he felt like it! How dare he do that to the best tag team in the world, Christian and Jericho.”  “How can you tell Tazz? They have been what? One or Two matches together since GCF started?”  “I can just tell Cole. Whatever Chris Jericho says has to be true!” You think you know me! Edge’s music hits for the second time tonight, and when he walks through the smoke, the fans go crazy by giving him the loudest reaction of the night! Edge walks to the ring with his title wrapped around his waste. Edge slides into the ring and take a mic. “Would Samoa Joe please come to the ring its time for his match.”  Joe’s music hits right away, and the fans also give him an unbelievable reaction. Joe walks down the ramp, watching Edge’s every move. Joe gets into the ring and doesn’t bother getting a mic. “Alright Joe, earlier tonight, we took out Charlie Haas out of Angle’s little group, but in my opinion, we didn’t completely finish the job. From what I understand, Charlie is in the back icing his back and chest, but he better put that ice down, because Joe, your opponent tonight is Charlie Haas!” Joe grins, as does Edge, and Charlie’s music hits. Edge exits the ring, grabs a chair and places it in front if the commentators table. Edge takes a seat, and he is prepared to watch the action! In about two minutes, Haas finally limps down to the ring. Haas stops at the bottom of the ramp and shouts complaints over to Edge, but Edge acts like he doesn’t he doesn’t hear him. The referee tells Haas to get into the ring, and when Haas limps up the stairs into the ring, the bell rings.

Samoa Joe vs. Charlie Haas

Joe stands in his corner while Charlie tries to figure out what to do. Joe begins to walk over to Charlie, and Haas has no where to go! Joe grabs Haas by the hair and pulls him to the center of the ring, spins him around, and connects with a German suplex. Haas holds his back while Joe and Edge laugh at Haas. Joe again pulls Haas to his feet and puts him on his shoulder, and then slams him down with the Island Driver! Joe stands again, while Haas begs for him to finish the match. Joe tells Haas to stand up, but Charlie is so hurt he can’t. Joe grabs Haas by an arm and drags him into the corner. Joe puts Haas on the top turnbuckle, and then into Muscle Buster position! Joe stalls for about 10 seconds, before slamming Haas down! Joe looks like he is going to go for a cover, but decides against it. Joe grabs Haas by the neck, and puts him on the top turnbuckle again! Before Joe can put him in a Muscle Buster position again, Angle Nash, and Benjamin run down the ramp. Before they can enter the ring however, Edge runs over with the chair he was sitting on and dares any of those men to try to get past him! Joe screams at them and points to Haas, who he then puts in the Muscle Buster position. Joe turns to Angle and points to him, before falling and crushing Haas with a second Muscle Buster! Haas looks like he is completely knocked out cold, and Joe shoots a look over to Angle, Nash, and Benjamin. Instead of going for a pin, Joe locks Haas in the Coquina Clutch! The referee signals for the bell right away as Haas was already knocked out.

Winner- Samoa Joe

Edge gets into the ring, and pats Joe on the back. Nash, Benjamin, and Angle take advantage of this and surround the ring. Angle grabs a mic, “Oh Edge. Earlier tonight, if you would have let me finish what I was going to say, you would have found out that there is one more member to my group. He is the crown jewel. He is my prodigy. I have taught him how to become the next Kurt Angle. After I decide to hang up the boots, he will be taking my place as the best wrestler in the world. Put your hands together, for my prodigy……Jack Swagger!” Check, One, Two. Oh Yeah!  Swagger walks down the ramp with a very serious look on his face, while Joe and Edge looked shocked. Swagger gets to the bottom of the ramp, and he stares at Edge and Joe. While Joe and Edge stare at Swagger, they don’t notice that Nash and Shelton have entered the ring. When they turn around, Nash hits a big boot on Joe, and Shelton hits the Paydirt on Edge! Angle and Swagger get into the ring and embrace, while Benjamin and Nash continue to beat down on Edge. Swagger tells Angle to watch, and he locks in the Ankle Lock on Joe! Swagger locks it in as tight as he can for about a minute, before he lets go and laughs with Angle. Angle points to Edge, so Swagger walks over to him. Swagger picks Edge up, and then executes the Gutwrench Powerbomb! Benjamin and Nash check on Haas, who is still knocked out, while Angle raises his prodigy Swagger’s hand high. Impact Raw goes off the air with the final image of Swagger and Angle standing over Samoa Joe and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.




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