What Happened After RAW, Joey Styles Knocks TNA, Swagger

– Jack Swagger will be appearing this morning from 10am until noon at Frontier Communications in Gresham, Oregon to promote tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Portland.

– Joey Styles took a shot at TNA on his Twitter last night with this comment: “Zack Ryder reminds me of MTV’s Jersey Shore. By the way, who do you think is dumber, Jersey Shore’s Ronnie or whomever writes TNA?”

– The dark main event after last night’s RAW saw Randy Orton defeat Sheamus and Wade Barrett in a three-way. Orton hit the RKO on Sheamus for the win.

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  • Macky Gemini

    it’s definitely the one who writes fucking sucking TNA
    O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TNA sucks HARD

  • Murmer

    I think the better question is, who do you think is dumber, whomever writes TNA or Whomever writes WWE? because as far as im concerned, both are equally as bad as the show Jersey Shore itself!

  • richard

    i have to agree but i still watch wwe more and after this past sunday vince will more then likely own tna too and run that in the ground aswell like he has the wwe and his whole family

  • Tony Whiting

    Who is Dumber Jersey Shore or TNA? *L* I thing Joey Style is Dumb and Vince is Stupid (Well for WWE making Cena Barrets punching bag isnt to bad) I mean Cena always had a cocky attitude and now its like He bit off more than he can chew! Both Nexus and Cena suck and as far as Joey Styles and Vince go? Joey can kiss Vinces ass too! I remember some wrestlers did! So why not Drew Mcintyre and Joey Styles?

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