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JR Blog: Bragging Rights Teams, Nexus, Batista in MMA

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

– WWE Hall of Famer has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Nexus: “The Nexus storyline has been one of the better ones in the WWE in a long while. Now as it maturates and moves forward guys like Justin Gabriel, who had a nice bout with Orton Monday Night, needs to become known for more than his dynamic 450 Splash. Same for Otunga and Slater. What are their lasting claims to fame going to be? Now is a pivotal time for these members of NXT to begin to erase the prominent ‘sidekick’ logo that’s figuratively stamped on their foreheads and either take a more impactful role with NXT leader or begin to subtly move away from Barrett’s reign.”

WWE : “Why is it exactly that MNR and SDown have such a fierce rivalry? What’s at stake other than ‘?’ Has SD been bragging about their tag team victory since last year’s PPV? Would it be more viable if something tangible was at stake to the winning team in the Raw vs. Smackdown Tag Bout on the October 24 PPV that emanates from Minneapolis?”

Doing MMA: “As I have written before, Dave Bautista is serious about his MMA career and is realistic in that Dave knows that by getting such a late start in the game that he will have to accelerate his training and then maximize the time that he has to be physically productive in a MMA environment. UFC would not be a good place to seek employment for Dave but his negotiations with Strikeforce do make sense. If the two sides can strike a win/win financial deal and Showtime finally figures out how to promote a fight and make it be perceived as special while at the same time build a star on all the platforms that are available to them, then a Bautista-Strikeforce arrangement could help all involved.”

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One Response to JR Blog: Bragging Rights Teams, Nexus, Batista in MMA:

  1. Lee Thompson

    Date: Oct 12, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Edge is right Micheal Cole is a douche’ bag , he is not bias and sounds like he wants to Vickies baby , or the Miz’s we cant tell, when he starts spounting off about how bad Mr. McMahons; vision of NXT is he shows no respect for him , the Pro’s , the rookies , or the WWE universe.Michael also puts Daniel Bryant the U S Champion because he been a thorn in the Miz’s side ever since NXT, grow up Michael you sound like a little spoiled kid.

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