Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 10/14/2010

– Thanks to Eric for these live TNA iMPACT spoilers, to air this Thursday night on Spike:


* Jay Lethal beat The Amazing Red


* Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan open the show with Hulk coming out on crutches. Fans chant for Hogan to retire. Hogan says Dixie Carter lied to him so now he’s taking over. Bischoff brings out Abyss, then Jeff Jarrett. Bischoff cut a promo on Dixie but Ric Flair and Fortune interrupted. Flair says he runs TNA and either he and Hogan leave TNA both or they fight and then hug. Bischoff wonders who would have thought Hogan and Flair would be on the same team ever. Bischoff brings out Jeff Hardy next to a mixed reaction. Hardy says he doesn’t care about his fans.

* We see Kevin Nash and Sting backstage. Bischoff calls them out to the ring and asks them to join the new super group. Nash declines and says he’s sticking with TNA and passing on the money. Sting also turns down Bischoff’s offer.

* Madison Rayne comes out whining about Bound For Glory. Knockouts Champion Tara comes out and Rayne tells her she should do the right thing. Tara lays down and lets Rayne pin her for the belt. Mickie James comes out and says she’s here tonight to make history against Rayne. Madison pushed Tara into Mickie and left.

* Kurt Angle came out to “please don’t go” chants and no music. Angle says before he retires he wants answers. Jeff Jarrett comes out and reminds Angle of the retirement stipulation. Angle says him losing was the final nail in TNA’s coffin and Jarrett can have his ex-wife. Angle charges Jarrett but security takes him down and puts him in cuffs. Jarrett attacks Angle until Taz comes to the ring and tells him to stop.

* Samoa Joe beat Abyss. Abyss attacked him with the ring bell, causing the disqualification. Rob Van Dam made the save and then called out Jeff Hardy. Hardy appeared on the big screen and responded. Bischoff came out and announced RVD vs. Mr. Anderson tonight with the winner getting a title shot.

* Beer Money, Matt Morgan and Kazarian defeated Pope in a Handicap match then beat him up afterward.

* The Shore comes out to cut a promo. Jersey Shore’s JWoww comes out with Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Cookie and JWoww end up getting into a catfight.

* Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam for the #1 contendership didn’t see a finish as Eric Bischoff pulled the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy came down and attacked both men with a chair. Lots of heat here on Hardy from the fans.

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  • Stash

    Ummmm why is RVD forced to fight for a title shot? Wasnt he promised one? He relinquished the title after all….. this confuses me

  • The Fulken

    You case you forget, Bischoff is heel so he won’t keep his end of the barging with RVD… And Fortune is now apart of Hogan’s team? This seems like a really crappy Impact coming off Bound For Glory… Don’t see AJ Styles up there & Madison won the Knockouts Title back by Tara laying down? Can’t talk shit about WWE’s Divas Division when TNA does crap like this…

  • Peter Fitswell

    Hmm could Angle or Nash be the secret GM of Raw?

  • Ballsack

    nash or angle, very interesting.

  • Jizz

    man fuck that old bitch hogan and his dumb ass son. They both them fuckers can go to hell. Hogan can die and drink dog piss.

  • the pope manairo dinero

    the pope’s push is finished it’s all down hill for tna now their’s still time to save it thoi

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