Matt Hardy Speaks After Jeff’s Heel Turn, Continues to Tease TNA

– Matt Hardy posted a new video blog after TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view last night. Regarding his brother Jeff’s heel turn, Matt said that’s the reason he’s been doing everything he’s been doing lately and the reason he put WWE in his “rear-view mirror.” Hardy said he’s got to cross the line because family comes first and he refuses to abandon his brother.

Matt said he heard the news about Jeff turning heel about seven or eight weeks ago. Here’s his latest video:

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  • Dave

    Matt’s a douche….always has been,always will be

  • K Law

    He looks like a queer bitch!

  • themike

    It takes a queer to know a queer, k fag. and b n the big peewee fan you are, you know all to much about b n a homo. AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE…AND FUCK SHEAMUS/K LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • killarob

    And back to reality smdh….

  • K Law

    I’m sorry… I didn’t understand a goddamn thing you said… All I saw was, “Let me be a fag and suck your dick K Law”… Christmas is coming, so I’ll be sure to order you the Hooked on Phonics package off Amazon…

  • lashon

    i love matt and jeff .. Wwe needs jeff back. Tna is wack !!

  • Ken

    DO we seriously think TNA can take over WWE with Jeff Hardy as their main heel……Jeff has never been a heel, if Matt goes to TNA they will just take the title off of Jeff and give them the tag titles, just like the WWE would of…….

  • Bracey

    Totally agree Dave, full of his own self importance, shite actor too.

  • sharon

    the best thing that could happen in wrestling is for the hardy boyz to team up again whether that be in wwe or in tna doesnt matter just as long as they are back together

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