Main Event with Stipulation Set for Next Week’s WWE RAW

– As announced on tonight’s RAW, the main event of next week’s show will see WWE Champion Randy Orton team with John Cena to take on Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty in the NXT season 2 Rookies’ official debut. Wade Barrett added the stipulation that if Cena’s team loses, he will officially induct Harris and McGillicutty into Nexus.

Next week’s RAW takes place from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and will be the go-home show for Bragging Rights.

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  • K Law

    I smell Bret Hart making an appearance…

  • outsidergold

    orton thrown in that match is one of the most pointless things ive ever seen in wrestling… if i was randy, i wouldn’t even show , just let my music hit and leave everyone wonder: where the eff is he??

  • JOE

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  • Tony Whiting

    If Cenas team wins Classic Wade Barrett should get rid of Nexus! Barrett looks too Old school

  • Leon

    @Tony Classic Wade Barret? Lol. I like Barrett’s look. It’s unique and it goes along with his English aura. I always thought of Sheamus doing the same thing. Have Sheamus part his hair down the middle with the sides trimmed almost to the scalp and having a handle-bar moustache. Sheamus with a turn of the century look. It would suit him in my opinion.

  • K Law Impersonater

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  • themike

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  • Tit

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