Jersey Shore Star Appearing on iMPACT, Update on Thursday’s Show

– TNA hasn’t announced any matches for this Thursday’s iMPACT but is promising the fallout from “they” forming at Bound For Glory and more from Kurt Angle after losing the retirement stipulation.

– TMZ reports that MTV Jersey Shore cast member Jenni “JWoww” Farley has signed with TNA to appear on this Thursday night’s iMPACT on Spike TV. TMZ notes that JWoww won’t be wrestling but will likely be mixing it up with the new Shore characters, Robbie E. and Cookie.

JWoww will reportedly receive $15,000 for the appearances and may appear on more than just this week’s show.

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  • Druid 9

    Why can.t jersey shore just go away. The fact that that show is still on air just shows how many idiots there are. Anybody who watches that garbage has to have a low IQ.

  • K Law

    So they are going to send $15,000 on this bitch and not bring in some great talent? What a fucking waste… And this Jersey Shore character is shit. He won’t amount to anything but gum behind their shoes…

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