Kevin Nash Leaving TNA After This Weekend?, TNA Knockout Tryout

– Indy women’s wrestler Brittney Savage will be getting a tryout with TNA in November. Brittney lost a WWE tryout match to Beth Phoenix on SmackDown last year and was a former tag team champion with NXT Rookie AJ Lee in the WSU promotion.

– According to Kevin Nash, he will be done with TNA after tomorrow’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Nash wrote the following on Twitter:

“4 days left and I’m done ,hope you that enjouyed me and are left happy .I always did my best with a beaten body. thanks and goodbye. Time to be a husban and dad this part of my life is over.If I’m woprth nothing than I need to stay at home. Thanks TNA 4 letting me go.”

Nash later wrote “no WWE” after fans asked if he was leaving TNA for his old stomping grounds.

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  • annonymous

    Anyone remember the 2 mystery Twitter accounts TNannonymous and TNangry??
    I bet now, Nash was one of the two…

  • Druid 48

    No i don.t. Sad to see big sexy go.

  • The Fulken

    Why are you sad to see him go? His time is up. He isn’t the same guy back when he was really popular as Diesel and in the NWO. At least he knows when to call it quits unlike others. Its honorable. I enjoy lots of his work over the years and hope he has a great life…

  • Druid 48

    Yeah i knew he was too old in his last run with wwe. He signed with them injured and got injured again in his first match. He.s one of the funniest guys though in tna. He should just play the manager gimmick. Tna obviously don.t want that though.

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