HBK Update, New WWE Legends Roundtable, Matt Hardy Talks TNA

– A new WWE’s Legends Roundtable episode featuring “Wrestling Families” will debut this Friday on WWE On Demand.

– Matt Hardy noted on Twitter last night that he was watching TNA iMPACT. Hardy wrote: “I also really dig seeing my buds like Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James on Impact-they seem happy, less stressed.”

– Shawn Michaels said on Twitter that he will be letting fans in on some news next week. For what it’s worth, Shawn said he is “getting back into work some.”

Another Major Feud for WrestleMania 27 Revealed…




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  • The Fulken

    Matt is a moron… Mickie just got into TNA last night and cut a promo and Dreamer ain’t shit. Hope Fortune destroys his ass…

  • Darcel

    Hbk is the GM

  • justin

    undertaker needs to beat the shit out of is brother kane what do yall think is going to happen

  • DJ

    God Damn, i hope Matt Hardy doesn’t jump over to TNA right away. As soon as he gets there, there’s only two options the “creative” will give him. Team with his brother, or feud with his brother. Either one is the wrong choice, but you know TNA can’t come up with new shit so they’re just going to try reinacting the Hardy feud from wrestlemania.

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