Update on TNA Drug Testing, Why Heyman Didn’t Join TNA, Hall

– Scott Hall is out of rehab and is hoping to get back with TNA. Hall is also looking at opening a wrestling school in Florida.

– TNA held drug testing a few weeks back and the wrestlers who failed tests were simply told they failed and there was no action taken or suspensions given over at least some, if not all of the failures.

– Paul Heyman has been working with EA Sports on their upcoming MMA video game. Heyman was working this past week on vignettes for Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz and others.

Heyman is saying that his talks with TNA are dead. Apparently Heyman and TNA came close to a deal but the problem came down to Heyman not having the right to hire and fire people.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • themike

    Why did tna do drug test if they dont care what they are taking. it couldnt be a law if tna is not forced to punish anyone.

  • Anonymous 10

    I know TNA is desperate to keep big name talent. But blah blah blah… I don.t feel like preaching to you all.

  • annonymous

    Why bother wasting company finances with this drug testing if theyre not going to bother with enforcing the consequences of a failed test..
    Do the tests, create the penalties for failed tests, ENFORCE the bloody penalties for a failed test..

    But I suppose in TNAs case failed drug tests would wipe out the entire roster….

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