Former WWE Star Backstage at iMPACT


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  • The Fulken

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they named Mickie special guest referee or something for the Knockout Championship match at Bound For Glory… Then she turns heel and sides with Madison and Tara… That would be epic…

  • lawrence

    Ya right fulken tha would b gr8 or if she laid all of them out

  • Mr.Hill

    I liked her psycho character when she first showed up. Hell a trio of her as a heel, Tara, and Daffney would be an anti Beautiful People

  • Druid 34

    That sounds awesome Mr. Hill. I hope MJ grabs velvet by her camel toe like she did T.Stratus. 😉

  • annonymous

    I too prefered Mickie James in her psycho stalker character.
    Is Daphney still with TNA?
    You know they could pull this trio off. Turn Tara back into the psycho original Victoria persona with stalker Mickie and demented screamer Daphney. Id even give them a manager the likes of Raven or Stevie Richards.. Remember WWE when Tara was having psychotic relationship with Richards..

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