CM Punk Pulled from NXT Commentary, WWE DVD News, Bret Hart

– The current top four shipped WWE DVD’s of this year are WrestleMania at 262,000 units, The Undertaker DVD at 136,000 units, Royal Rumble at 123,000 units and Shawn Michaels’ DVD set at 137,000 units.

– It’s expected that Bret Hart will play a big part of the go-home RAW for Bragging Rights on October 18th since it’s from Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Pengrowth Saddledome. Bret is being advertised for RAW that night.

– CM Punk was originally scheduled to do commentary with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on the final WWE NXT on SyFy episode last week but was pulled. While Punk has lost his stable and has been losing clean lately, it’s said that he is in no danger with the company but they have nothing going on for him right now.

Heat on a Top WWE Star, More WrestleMania & Rumble Plans Revealed

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • annonymous

    Move CM Punk to RAW if they got nothing for him.. Or chuck him on commentary for a bit. He was great on NxT.
    I bet they make Bret Hart a part of the RAW Bragging Rights team. Geez i hope not….

  • The Fulken

    I don’t think moving him to RAW would help much. Others seem to be involved in stuff over there as well… That’s just how it goes something when you have lots of wrestlers. That’s why merging the brands wouldn’t be a good idea… As long as Punk isn’t in danger of being let go, that’s good news…

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