Cena vs. Undertaker Discussed, Batista Wrestling in Japan?, Superstars

– Matches for tonight’s WWE Superstars on WGN America include The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos, Chris Masters vs. Vance Archer and Darren Young vs. William Regal.

– Batista is in talks with Japan’s IGF pro wrestling promotion about working their December 3rd show at Sumo Hall. If they can agree on terms, Batista will be facing Satoshi Ishii.

– A match with Sheamus vs. The Undertaker is still the top pick for WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta but a match with Taker vs. John Cena as the main event was discussed this past week.

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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • m m

    cena vs. taker! go for it! one of the best feuds wwe can make.

  • richard

    why would they make the undertaker lose to cena or sheamus they both suck why dont they have kane defeat the undertaker at wrestlemania that would be more appropriate dont you think

  • Nazi killer

    Kane defeating Taker would be great but i think they are going to break the streak with a newcomer so they can give a HUGE push.

  • themike

    The undertaker’s streak should stay intact when he retires, making him at least the longest winning streak in wrestlemainia history for the years of service and for what hes done for the company. i think the undertaker is a outstanding and honorable person, he proved that on raw the night after shawn michaels lost and taker came out and tiped his hat to shawn.

  • The Fulken

    I was a supporter of Undertaker’s streak when it first started but then after awhile, it started to become more predictable that he would be victorious everytime at WrestleMania, no matter how close his opponents come to defeating him. But now I realize again that it is part of who he is and his legacy. I doubt John Cena or Sheamus will be the ones to beat him if anyone. Definitely NOT Kane! Kane doesn’t need the win as badly as others who are trying to find their breakout moment… Taker should retire undefeated at Mania.

  • richard

    i agree with all of you i think they should let the undertaker retire undefeated at wrestlemania

  • Heath

    Taker’s WM streak will hit 20. Don’t see Sheamus or Cena being the one to end it. Especially Cena. There will be a riot/backlash from many Wrestling fans over the age of 16 and WWE fans since the Attitude Era if Cena breaks the streak.

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