Big Heel Turns Expected in TNA, Wrestler’s Contract Expiring, More

– Eric Young’s contract with TNA expires soon and he is currently working on signing a new deal with the company.

– Look for many changes in TNA soon as far as face turns, heel turns and new groups forming. At one point, the plan was for Kurt Angle to be World Champion with Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan as the top heels and Sting as a top face, coming out of Bound For Glory. No word yet if that is still the plan but we will know after this weekend.

It’s also expected that either Rob Van Dam or Jeff Hardy will turn heel. It’s said that Hogan wants a top heel group that’s considered cool like the NWO was.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • lawrence

    Sting as face hell yeah but rvd or hardy wud b shit heels

  • annonymous

    RVD is an ok heel. Ive not ever seen Hardy as a heel i dont think.

  • lawrence

    Hardy as a heel wouldn’t b gud 4 tba he interacts with fans to much

  • The Fulken

    Wish TNA would stop trying to recreate feel good moments by doing another NWO stable…. or stables period… They have two of them as it is not including Abyss’s new group coming in, that’s 3…. I think RVD would be a good heel. He spend most of his ECW career as a heel but eventually the fans took a liking to his style and cheered for him even when he was playing the heel against fan favorites like Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman.

  • jdogg

    why did dixie let hogan and bishoff come in TNA great now its becomming WCWlite.

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