WWE Considering Pre-Game Shows, Sheamus’ Supporters, Del Rio

– WWE has talked about doing a live pre-game show for their pay-per-views, in hopes of getting some last minute buys.

– It’s said that Sheamus is locked into a top spot with the company. Some of his supporters include John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton.

– Alberto Del Rio was actually very close to quitting not long ago. He was saying he wasn’t making much money and wanted to return to Mexico. This is around the time they started bringing him on the road and planning the promos that aired on SmackDown.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • The Fulken

    Well Sheamus is a main eventer and brings something new to the table besides being Irish.

  • CJ Clarke

    Wasnt the pre-PPV shows already happening,or was that until they cancelled HEAT…cuz i can remember them having the half hour before doing things before the actual PPV began!

  • Bracey

    Sheamus is brilliant in my opinion, young too some time to get better and better.

  • Tony Whiting

    *LOL* Let Del Rio Quit! He has no Wrestling talent anyway! I dont know why WWE let him in WWE anyway! And CENA?? a supporter of the so called HUMAN JAR OF MAYO?? *L* I Knew it!! Cena is a step behind!!

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