Vince McMahon High on Michael Cole

– Michael Cole will soon be the voice of SmackDown following his move across from RAW. Vince McMahon is pretty high on the outspoken commentator at the moment and feels that he would help establish the show on SyFy, which is very important to the company right now with its move to a new network. The way Cole effectively delivers messages from creative and the way he plays his on-air character are things that have pleased McMahon recently.

Another play-by-play commentator, Todd Grisham, is not so over with McMahon right now and some feel that’s another reason for Cole’s move.




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  • Ryan

    I want Jim Ross Back

  • outsidergold

    michael cole is the face of smackdown? wow, thats not something ANYBODY wants to see..

  • Horseman420

    Vince is high on something if he thinks Cole is “the voice”………..

  • joemoefoe

    haha and Cole thinks hes the “voice of the raw gm!” yeah doesnt look like thats gonna last too long now does it?

  • joeisrael

    ughh this sucks i can’t stand this guy at all id rather listen to tony shavanie than this clown! for god sake joey styles is still on the roster why not have him do play by play… wait I have just receivd an email from the General Manager .. …and I quote.. michael cole sucks!!!!!

  • The Fulken

    I like Micheal Cole and all you guys need to get over it. Besides the King, Cole has been there long and the only play by play guy qualified. JR isn’t coming back due to his condition. JR’s time has come and gone…

  • annonymous

    Vinny Macs high on something but it isnt Michael Cole…

  • Willy

    The good thing hopefully is that he is off RAW !! @ The Fulken – FYI, the guy talks absolute rubbish. If u have not been around when some of the best were there, you would think he is good.

  • Bracey

    He doesn’t talk rubbish you set of spastics he is playing a role.

  • big will

    i dont like the smackdown annoucers good move to put cole on smackdown!

  • paul g

    hes a actor im sure in real life he aint nerdy i bet he blows that purple dank to

  • Hurricane

    What’s up with that?

  • Willy

    @ Bracey – Am pretty sure there r no retards here and that everyone knows he is just playing out a role. But there is also something called “overdoing” a role which is clearly what he is doing. Matt Stiker plays a role but he at least has interesting facts to point out. The only word Cole has in his dictionary is “Vintage” 🙂 !!

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