Reason for Goldust vs. DiBiase, Vince Unhappy with Grisham, More

– Goldust was given the feud with Ted DiBiase because they wanted him to have a program since his autobiography is coming out in December. The idea for the feud came up when someone in creative realized their fathers did a program with each other in WWF about 20 years ago.

– Todd Grisham has been taking the brunt of Vince McMahon’s unhappiness with announcing lately. Michael Cole was put on the live SmackDown debut because Vince has been unhappy with Grisham. At one point, Vince cut a promo on Grisham backstage, saying how the show was important and Grisham wasn’t getting the job done.

– WWE has sent word to people in Mexico that they are looking to bring in more stars from that country. WWE wants the talents to have a good size and be able to speak English.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • *%$+¢!?

    Now vince is going to hire cheap labor south of the border for wrestlers. is he planning to make a spanish soap opera? us americans dont make the grade? tired of canadians? im tired of michael cole’s mouth and ego. coleminer’s? voice of wwe? if anybody needs to shape up its cole. todd g is just to bland, but cole on every wwe program is too much.

  • joeisrael

    I agree cole sucks!!! but hey man their is only 1 Mexican born wrestler in the wwe main roster it be nice to have a couple more, to spice up and possibly restablish the cruiserweight division that made WCW and even ECW popular

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