RAW Team Breaking Up, Ziggler’s Brother Training, Tarver Injured, More

– Ryan Nemeth, the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler, won a contest in OVW called Breakout. He has won a one-year scholarship to learn how to wrestle at the OVW school.

– The plan is for David Hart Smith to turn heel on Tyson Kidd and Natalya, breaking up The Hart Dynasty.

– MVP has been worried about his position with WWE, noting that he sees younger guys being pushed ahead of him while they’re not doing much with him.

– Michael Tarver was removed from The Nexus because of a groin injury that will keep him out of action.

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  • The Fulken

    Damn… Nexus is getting smaller and smaller…

    And why would they break up THD after one WWE Tag team title reign? WWE needs tag teams, not more singles competitors with no future.

  • Rocko

    If losing Tarver means Nexus gains Husky and Perfect Jr, I’d call that the best trade off in history. Those two guys are light years ahead of Tarver in every category. Just more fat trimming for the group.

    Idk why they think DH Smith can be a heel. The guy is bland as hell and splitting that group up means jobber-dom for all of them, except maybe Nattie. Why not turn the whole group? Hell idc if they play a pro-Canada team that hates on America. That’d be better than them only getting over now bc of their family name.

    I feel bad for MVP. He was prime for a main event push about two years ago but that window closed fast. Now he’ll get to job to the new generation for the next few years.

  • Tony Whiting

    Glad Tarver is gone! He looked like Michael Jackson with a Brutha like Muscular stamina and the whatever it is that covers his mouth! Bet he has bad breath and they wanted him to cover his face OR!! The released him so he can atleast see a dentist! *L*


    The plan for David Hart Smith to turn heel on Tyson Kidd and Natalya leading to the breaking up of the Hart Dynasty just plain SUCKS!!

    DH Smith turning heel on Tyson Kidd and breaking up the Hart Dynasty now (is short-sited by WWE) just when a tag team division is needed (unified titles) more-than-ever; would just be plain dumb! Even more so now that Nattie is getting a push for the (unified) diva’s title!

    Theme anyone?

    The Hart Dynasty, The Uso Bothers, The Dudebusters and The Gatecrashers; along with “I either did bad, or I suck” tag team of Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre can make a reNEWed tag team division in the WWE.

    Re-uniting tag teams like Mark Henry/MVP and Cryme Tyme could even elevate the division; helping put younger talent over and having some good tag/singles feuds in the future.

    ‘just saying…

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