JR Blog: Rock Wrestling Again, Drawing Money, Michael Cole, More

– Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ most recent blog…

Michael Cole: It would appear that Michael Cole, new persona and all, will be joining the Smackdown broadcast crew. Cole is becoming the busiest man in show biz. I can’t see Michael coming off Raw but who knows? His new, evolving persona is one of the more interesting facets to WWE TV these days.

What Draws Money: Personal issues between characters that fans truly care about draw TV ratings and ticket/PPV sales. It’s a simple theory that I personally believe in and it’s also a theory that needs to be nurtured (slo-smoked) and not knee jerked and force fed to a TV audience.

On Bruno Sammartino: Happy Birthday to Bruno Sammartino who is 75 today. Bruno and Cowboy Bill Watts got three main events against each other in Madison Square Garden back in the day and headlined the last WWWF event in the old MSG as I have been told. That last match in the old Garden set a box office record for the historic venue.

The Rock Wrestling Again: Twitter question…Will Rock ever wrestle again in WWE? That’s a Rock/WWE call but I think not. Could Dwayne Johnson make an on camera appearance on Raw, for example? Sure but donning the tights again is highly unlikely.




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  • Tony Whiting

    I agree! The Rock an easily appear on Raw it is easy! But for him to make a choice to Wrestle? That is his choice and Well, I think he would rather appear and not Wrestle! And Ovewrall! Happy Birthday Bruno~~

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