GCF Impact Raw – October 6, 2010

Welcome GCF fans to another edition of Impact Raw! The second PPV, Resurrection, is in a few weeks on October 24, and we already have two huge matches announced! If you have any thoughts, ideas, dream matches, or feedback, email me at [email protected]. Let’s get this show started!

The Impact Raw opening video ends and we get a shot of the live crowd here in Boston, Massachusetts! The TD Garden is sold out tonight, and the crowd is pumped up! “Welcome to Impact Raw everyone, I’m Michael Cole along with my partner Tazz, and everyone is talking about the huge main event for Resurrection that was made last week.”  “GCF’s only Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe, and the Rated R Superstar Edge will face off for the World Heavyweight Championship, Cole!”  “Speaking of Edge, he isn’t wasting any time tonight, as he has asked for this time to talk about that match at Resurrection!” You think you know me!
The fans go nuts for the World Heavyweight Champion! Edge walks through the fog, and the fans get even louder. Edge walks down the ramp with his gold draped on his shoulder, and he looks as confident as ever. Edge walks up the stairs into the ring, and grabs a mic. Edge smiles and looks at his gold before he begins to speak. “All week, random people come up to me and say, Edge, who’s gonna win at Resurrection? I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I am the best competitor in the back, I am the best in the world. I am the first World Heavyweight Champion in GCF history, and there is no way I’m gonna let Joe or Angle take this away from me. Both men are very good, but they aren’t me. They are not the best. At Resurrection, there will be no picks or guesses, because I can guarantee that at the end of the night, I will be holding the title high above my head, and the World Heavyweight Championship will still be Rated R!” Kurt Angles music hits and the Olympic Gold Medalist stomps down to the ring. Angle runs up the stairs and gets into the ring. Edge laughs like he knew this was coming, and Angle grabs a mic. “Last week, management screwed me! I earned my championship shot, and what did Joe do? He didn’t do anything except lose to this blond jackass in front of me!”  Edge looks at Angle, amused at what Kurt just called him, and Angle continues. “That big slouch Joe thinks he is even remotely a threat to me. I will prove once again that I am the best in the world, and after Resurrection, I will have the World Heavyweight Title to prove it.” Before Kurt can rant about anything else, Samoa Joe’s music comes on and he slowly walks to the top of the ramp. Joe stares at both men before making his way to the ring. Joe slides into the ring and is handed a microphone. Joe looks down at the mic, before starting, “Kurt, can you please just shut up?” The fans in attendance laugh as they obviously were thinking the same thing. Joe starts again, “I said last week when Todd Grisham asked me what’s next, that you’ll see. You saw what I did, I told Jeff Jarrett to put me in that match, and that’s what happened. But Kurt, Edge, I didn’t come out here to have a battle of words, I came out here to rip both of your heads off.” Joe throws the mic behind him, and looks ready to fight. Edge puts his mic and title down, while Angle backs away from both of the men. Right then, Co-GM Jeff Jarrett jogs out to the top of the ramp. “Hold it! Joe, Kurt, Edge, I don’t want any excuses from any of you come Resurrection. I’m going to make another big announcement right now! We are three weeks away from Resurrection, and each of those weeks, one of you men will be in action, because the next three weeks will be Triple Threat Takeover! Each one of you will pick an opponent for one of the other competitors. Tonight, Kurt Angle will pick an opponent for Edge! Next week, Edge will pick an opponent for Samoa Joe, and the week before Resurrection, Samoa Joe will pick an opponent for Kurt Angle!!” All three men look at the person who will be picking their opponent, and then look at the person their going to be picking an opponent for. We then go to the back where Eric Bischoff is watching what just happened on the television in his office.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Now Jeff is making huge decisions without telling me? Last week he completely changed the main event for Resurrection, now he just gave Edge, Angle, and Joe the power to make matches. This is ridiculous. Don’t you think so?”  The camera backs away and we see Matt Morgan standing behind Bischoff.” “Definitely Eric, Jeff has no right to act like he is the sole GM, you two are co-GM’s! Anyway, listen Eric; I was thinking, maybe after Resurrection, I should become the Number One Contender? I am undefeated, and I would look great with two championships” Eric smiles and begins to talk, but Jarrett walks into the room and starts to speak. “Matt, there is no way in hell I, I mean we, are going to just give you a World Title match. Besides you already have a championship. Speaking of that Championship, you haven’t defended it since you won it! So tonight, you will defend it against, AJ Styles!” Jarrett pats Morgan on the shoulder, winks at Eric, and then leaves the room. Morgan jaw drops, and Eric tries to calm him down before we go back to the arena for the first match of the night.

X Division Championship Number One Contenders Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Homicide

Homicide’s music hits first and the fans boo very loudly. Homicide walks down the ramp, ignoring everyone on the way down. Homicide jogs up the steps, and goes through the second rope into the ring. Mysterio’s music begins and the fans go from booing to giving Rey a huge pop. Rey doesn’t even high five any of the fans, he just runs down into the ring, and goes after Homicide. The bell rings, and Mysterio is already throwing punches all over Homicide. “It looks like Rey is trying to get some Revenge for Homicide choking him out at Domination during the Ultimate X match, Tazz.” Rey rips his shirt off, throws it to the crowd, and then dropkicks Homicide while the he was trying to stand! Homicide rolls to the outside, and Rey runs against the ropes. Rey jumps over the top rope, and lands right on Homicide! Rey is completely in control of this match, as he stands, walks up the stairs, and stops at the top. Rey waits for Homicide to regain himself and stand. When Homicide does get up, Rey jumps at him and connects with a seated senton! Rey gets right up, and stomps on Homicide a little more before throwing Homicide back into the ring. Rey climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and jumps down for a frog splash, but Homicide rolls out of the way. Rey crashes down and kills all of his momentum. Rey grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, but he is greeted by a lariat from Homicide! Homicide kneels onto Rey for a cover, One, Two, Rey kicks out. Homicide rolls over to Rey’s feet, drags him to the middle of the ring, and locks in his Modified STF! Rey flails his arms around trying to escape, but he can’t escape! Rey doesn’t have enough energy to drag him and Homicide to the ropes, so he just tries to slide out of it. Rey is fading away, and right before he falls unconscious, Homicide releases the hold! The referee gives Homicide a confused look, it seemed like Homicide had the win, but he released it. Homicide grabs Rey’s arms and drags him to his feet. Homicide insults and mocks Rey, before spinning him around, and putting him in position for the Gringo Killa! Right before Homicide smashes Rey’s head down for his patented finisher, Rey flips around and ends up behind Homicide! Rey rolls Homicide up, One, Two, and Three!!!

Winner- Rey Mysterio!!

“Mysterio wins! Mysterio wins, Tazz!”  Rey runs up the ramp with his hand raised, and goes to the back. Homicide stands shocked in the ring. “Cole, Homicide had the match won, but he wanted to inflict more punishment and it cost him!” Homicide walks up the ramp dejected about the loss. As soon as Homicide goes to the back, Wade Barrett’s music hits and the NXT Season Two Winner walks down to the ring.
Barrett gets into the ring and grabs a mic, and begins to speak. “Last week, Randy Orton attacked me again, while I was trying to be the noble man and let him go unharmed. Randy Orton is a coward. I am the future of this business, and I am his replacement. So I am out here right now to challenge Randy Orton to a match a Resurrection, where I can prove to the world that Randy Orton is just a fraud. Randy Orton cheated his way to the top. After Resurrection, I will beat Randy Orton and show that I have what it takes to be World Heavyweight Champion!” On the titantron, Randy Orton appears on the screen to an amazing pop from the crowd. “Wade, I don’t need to say anything except that I accept your challenge. Why should I talk whenever I can just show you at Resurrection with an R……K……O!!!” Orton stares at Barrett, almost studying him, before the screen goes black. Barrett has a big smile on his face, and leaves the ring looking happy with what he accomplished. “There you have it Tazz, Barrett vs. Orton at Resurrection. It’s going to be an intense match for sure!”  “Definitely Cole, I am excited to see if Barrett can walk the walk, but he has a huge road block in the form of Randy Orton!” It’s a shame for they, lost their head

Sheamus vs. Rob Terry

Sheamus walks out looking like he is ready to hurt someone, not paying any mind to the boos behind him. Sheamus climbs into the ring, and begins shouting at the titantron for Terry to come out. Big Rob’s music hits to a somewhat nice pop from the Boston crowd. Rob doesn’t look intimidated by Sheamus, and he slides into the ring. The bell rings, and Sheamus runs over and guts Terry in the gut quickly. Sheamus corners Terry, and unloads punches all over Big Rob’s gut. The ref pulls Sheamus away, giving Terry time to recover. Rob runs at Sheamus and tries to connect with a clothesline, but Sheamus ducks under it, hooks Terry’s arm, and executes the Irish Curse! Sheamus doesn’t go for the pin, instead he just taunts to the fans. The crowd boos as loud as they can, and Sheamus embraces it. When Sheamus turns back to Terry, he sees that the big man is almost to his feet. Sheamus walks over and puts him in a powerbomb position. Sheamus lifts Rob onto his shoulders in High Cross position! Terry manages to slide out of it before Sheamus can slam him down, and Terry hits Sheamus with a jumping spin kick out of no where! Terry is pumped up as he waits for Sheamus to get to his feet, and when he does, Terry grabs Sheamus’ neck! Terry lifts Sheamus up by the throat, and then slams him down with a chokeslam! Terry goes for a pin on Sheamus, One, Two, kick out! Terry checks with the referee if it was two or three, before standing again and waiting for Sheamus to get up. Terry grows impatient, and decides to lift Sheamus up himself. Terry pulls Sheamus up, and tries lifting Sheamus up for the Freakbuster, but Sheamus manages to kick Terry’s chest before Terry can slam him down for the finisher! Sheamus backs up, but then viciously pounds Terry down with a discus double axe handle! Sheamus backs away to the other side of the ring, while Terry somehow gets back up to his feet. Terry stands and faces Sheamus, but Sheamus takes him down with the Brogue Kick! Sheamus could easily get the win now, but he doesn’t go for the pin. Sheamus puts Terry in a powerbomb position for the second time in the match. Sheamus lifts Terry on his shoulders, and then slams him down with the High Cross! Sheamus covers Terry decisively, One, Two, Three.

Winner- Sheamus

Sheamus stands and gets his hand raised by the referee. Sheamus looks down at Terry, and he isn’t done yet. Sheamus lifts Terry up again, and lifts him into High Cross position, before smashing him down for another High Cross! Sheamus pounds his fists on his chest then does his signature taunt. “I love it Cole, Sheamus just completely reminded us why he was in that number one contenders match. I think Sheamus deserves to face whoever is World Champion after Resurrection because he deserves it Michael.”  “Sheamus definitely impressed during his match, but why are ignoring the fact that he attacked Terry after the match?”  “I said I loved it didn’t I, Cole?” Cole just shakes his head, and we go to the back with Todd Grisham for his weekly interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Tyler Black. Tyler, you had a huge win over Mark Henry at Domination, and it’s been well known that your sights are set on the Intercontinental Championship. I have been informed by the General Mangers office that next week, it will be Mark Henry vs. Zack Ryder vs. R-Truth, and the winner will face you for the IC Title at Resurrection, what are your thoughts?”  “Todd listen, people call Independent wrestling the minor leagues. You apparently haven’t made it if you aren’t in the WWE or TNA. When I signed with the WWE, I was thinking the same way. Now I disagree. While Mark Henry, Zack Ryder, and R-Truth were barely lasting in ten minute matches, I was wrestling sixty minute matches on the Independent Circuit. I know how to face men big and small. A few weeks ago, I came out and fought Mark Henry right before he was going to end Truth’s career. People say that it was because R-Truth and I are friends. We aren’t, because I don’t need friends when I am heading to the top. If the GCF fans want to cheer me, go right ahead, but whether you’re cheering me or hating me at Resurrection, I will be the one with the Intercontinental Championship.” Black walks away with a serious look on his face, leaving Grisham alone.
“What strong words from Black, Tazz. Next week, Henry, Ryder and Truth in a triple threat match? It’s going to be great.” “Speaking of great Cole, It is finally time for my favorite superstar, Matt Morgan, to defend his TV Title against the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Television Championship
Matt Morgan(c) vs. AJ Styles

Morgan’s music hits and the big man walks down the ramp with his Television Championship draped on his shoulder. Morgan slides into the ring and holds his title high in the air. Styles theme begins and the fans give to loudest genuine reaction of the night. Styles walks down the ramp, high fiving a few fans to the ring. In the ring, Morgan is shouting and pointing at his title “This will NOT be yours Styles. This is mine!” Styles sarcastically nods and then hops in the ring. Morgan hands the belt to the ref, and the ref displays the title to the crowd. The ref hands the title outside and the bell rings! Morgan walks over towards AJ, but AJ stays in the corner. Morgan speeds up and runs at AJ in the corner, but AJ slides right underneath Morgan’s legs. Morgan spins around to a smiling AJ, so Morgan slaps him hard across the face! AJ falls to his knees, and Morgan takes advantage by booting Styles right on the jaw. Styles slams to his back, and Morgan rests his foot on Styles’ chest for a cover, One, kick out at one. Morgan steps back, as Styles gets back to his feet. Styles stands, only to be brought back down with a sick clothesline by Morgan! Matt wastes no time, as he grabs Styles’ hair, pulls him up, and lifts him into a fireman’s carry position. Morgan smirks to the fans before dropping AJ on his face with a Fireman’s Carry Facebuster! Morgan is in complete control, as he goes for a pin, One, Two, AJ kicks out at two. Morgan’s smirk turns into a snarl, and he grabs AJ’s tights. Morgan literally tosses AJ into the corner by his tights, and stomps over towards the corner where AJ is at. Morgan pulls off his elbow pads, and then begins hitting AJ with back elbow drops to the face! After several shots, Morgan backs away from Styles, but before Styles can fall to his face, Morgan catches him by the throat! Morgan lifts him up by the throat with both hands, then slams him down with a two handed chokeslam! Morgan attempts a pin, One, Two, Styles kicks out right before three! Morgan screams and pounds his fists hard to the mat. Matt backs up and shouts for Styles to get up. AJ uses the ropes to help him up, while Morgan gets ready to strike. Styles gets to his feet, and Morgan goes for a Carbon Footprint, but Styles avoids it by sliding to the outside of the ring! Morgan gets his foot stuck on the top rope, and Styles heads up to the top turnbuckle! Morgan tries to get his foot loose, but as soon as he does, Styles jumps off the top rope and connects with a Diving Forearm smash! Morgan falls to his one knee, so AJ executes a dropkick that sends Morgan to his back! Morgan gets back to his feet quickly, and when he tries to get a hold of Styles, he is hit directly on the nose with a Pele kick from Styles! Morgan bounces against the ropes, and then right into a powerbomb position. Styles wastes no time, lifting Morgan into Styles Clash position, and then slamming him back down for the Styles Clash! AJ doesn’t try to get the pin; instead he heads out to the ring apron! AJ looks like he wants to end this match with his patented Superman (Springboard 450 Splash)! It’s a shame for they, lost their heads. Sheamus makes his second appearance of the night by standing on the top of the ramp staring at AJ. Styles gets off the ring apron and starts walking towards Sheamus. Styles stops at the bottom of the ramp, and shouts for Sheamus to come and fight. Sheamus just stands on the top of the ramp, still staring directly at AJ. Styles turns back to the ring, and gets back up to the ring apron, staring right back at Sheamus. When AJ turns back to Morgan, he is hit with a Carbon Footprint! AJ crashes back first onto the ring apron, and Morgan pulls him back into the ring. Matt drags Styles to the middle of the ring, then goes for a pin, One, Two, Three!

Winner and Still Television Champion- Matt Morgan

“Morgan wins Cole! That’s why he’s my favorite superstar, he can take down anyone, even AJ Styles!”  “Oh come on Tazz, AJ had the match and the belt won, but Sheamus provided a distraction long enough for Morgan to recover and hit his signature Carbon Footprint!”  “Believe me Cole, even if Sheamus didn’t come out, Morgan still would have retained his title!”  Sheamus heads to the back, while Morgan is handed his title. Morgan kisses his belt and orders the referee to strap the belt onto him. The ref does, and Morgan pats it a few times showing it off to the fans. Morgan leaves the ring, and happily walks up the ramp. The camera then goes to the parking lot where there seems to be a fight going on.
Security is holding back The Guns and Team 3D, while Jericho and Christian watch in satisfaction. Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff run over and scream for everyone to stop. Everyone does, and Eric starts to talk, “Alex! Chris! Leave Team 3D alone or else. Just because you are not going to face the tag champs for the belts doesn’t mean that you need to pick fights with them.”  Jarrett butts in, “So WE decided that at Resurrection, all three of you teams will face off for the tag titles in a Triple Threat Tag Team match!” Eric looks over, but before he can say anything about it, Jeff walks away. The Guns smile, while Team 3D and the Champs freak out. We cut back to the arena.
“What a huge announcement by Jarrett, Cole!”  “I’ll say, Tazz. It is going to be a great tag team match at Resurrection, but right now, its time for a blast from the past for you Tazz, because right now, former Hardcore Champions Goldust and Spike Dudley will face off in a Hardcore Rules match!”

Hardcore Match
Goldust vs. Spike Dudley 

Goldust is out first to a great reaction from the audience. The Bizarre One walks up the stairs, gets into the ring, and does his signature breathing technique. Spike Dudley comes out next to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Most people in arena are watching Goldust as he gathers weapons from the outside. Goldust throws trash cans, chairs, pipes, and finishes it off by bringing a table into the ring. Spike hesitates before he heads into the ring and the bell rings. Spike runs at Goldust to start, but Goldust grabs a chair and Spike runs right into a shot from the steel chair! Spike looks like he might be knocked out cold, but Goldust isn’t finished. Goldust delivers a few more shots with the chair before walking over to the table and setting it up. Goldust shows his hardcore nature by lying two chairs on top of the table! Goldust pulls Spike up and puts him in suplex position. Goldust lifts Spike up, then drops him down with the Final Cut (Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a snap swinging neckbreaker) through the table and chairs! Spike is completley unconcious, and Goldust attempts a pin, One, Two, Three!

Winner- Goldust

Goldust gets up and kicks the remaining table pieces out of the ring. “What a dominant win for Goldust, Tazz. He just proved that he is a threat in the Hardcore Invitational, and he could be the first GCF Hardcore Champion!” Goldust leaves the ring and heads up the ramp looking as serious as Goldust can look. Spike is still unconcious on the mat, while the ring crew clear the ring. The referees help Spike to the back. You think you know me!           
Edge’s music hits and the Rated R Superstar walks out with his ring gear and his World Heavyweight Title. The fans give him the best reaction of the night, and it seems like everyone in Boston is an Edgehead! Edge slides into the ring the way only he can, and grabs a microphone. “Alright, cut the music. There really isn’t any time to talk. I just want to know right now, who Kurt Angle convinced to face me tonight. So, lets find out right now. GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” The Familiar music of Big Sexy Kevin Nash begins.  Edge drops his mic, and almost looks shocked at who Angle picked.

Kevin Nash vs. Edge

Nash walks down the ramp, while Edge gets ready in the ring. The big man walks over the ropes into the ring. Edge warms up, while Nash just looks at him in disgust, the bell rings, and they lock up. Nash shoves Edge away, but Edge goes right back and locks up again with Nash. Kevin shoves him again, but this time Edge walks right back up to him, and slaps him across the face! Nash cannot believe that Edge just did that, and he begins to wave towards the entrance ramp. Edge backs away from Nash and screams what he is doing. Right then, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas emerge from the back and begin to walk towards the ring. Edge doesn’t know what to do, as he backs away from all the men. From the corner of his eye, Edge notices Kurt Angle trying to sneak up on him, and when Angle tries to hit an Angle Slam, Edge knew it was coming so he reverses it and starts brawling with Kurt. Edge gets the upper hand, but when he turns around, BAM! He is with a monster Big Boot from Nash.

No Contest

“What is going on Tazz?!” “I have no idea Cole, but it isn’t going to be pretty!” Edge falls to the ground, while Shelton, Haas, Angle and Nash stand above him. Angle points to Nash to do something, and Nash puts Edge in a Powerbomb position. Nash lifts Edge up, and then slams him back down for the Jackknife Powerbomb! Benjamin and Haas head up to opposite top turnbuckles, while Nash drags Edge to the center of the ring. Benjamin flips off and connects with a perfect moonsault on Edge, which is directly followed by a perfect Frog Splash by Haas! Edge lies on the mat holding his stomach, and Angle locks in the Ankle Lock! Edge has no where to go, and Angle’s mission is to break Edge’s ankle! But from out of no where, Samoa Joe runs to the ring and attacks all four men. Joe gets the upper hand on all four of the superstars, and once everyone else is down, Joe lifts Angle up for the Island Driver. Right before Joe executes the move however, Shelton hits Joe with a Superkick to the jaw! Joe drops Angle behind him, and Angle delivers an Angle Slam to the stunned Joe! Shelton, Nash, and Haas all regain themselves, and once again, Angle points to Nash to finish off Joe. Nash lifts Joe into Jackknife position, and then drops him down hard with Nash’s signature Jackknife Powerbomb. Haas walks to the outside and grabs the World Title. Haas slides back into the ring and hands Angle the belt. Kurt holds in the air while all the fans boo in unison. Impact Raw ends with the image of Nash, Haas, and Benjamin standing next to Angle, who has the World Title, standing over Joe and Edge.




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