Cena in Barrett’s Corner at Bragging Rights, Angle Talks WWE Return

– WWE has announced that John Cena will be in the corner of Wade Barrett at WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Barrett will face Randy Orton for the WWE Title at WWE’s next pay-per-view. WWE is teasing that Cena will give the advantage to Barrett.

– Kurt Angle told the Right After Wrestling radio show on Monday night that he is open to returning to WWE in the future.

Angle said: “There comes a time when everybody has to hang it up. I’m coming to the close of my career whether it be a year or two or three. I know it won’t be full-time after this year. I would like to stay in TNA, but if I my option goes to WWE, I will. I want to stay in TNA, no doubt about it.”

Big Plans for Bragging Rights, New WWE Gimmick on RAW/SmackDown and More…




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  • lawrence

    Omg u agen really ….. ay there fella shut the fuck up no1 wants to see u

  • annonymous

    Actually i do kinda agree with him on the Wade Barratt thing.. But Sheamus? Cmon really??

  • DigitalVirus82

    WTF R U 2 talking about? I’d talk about Kurt going back to WWE!
    I know it’s impossible, but what if it appears to be Kurt Angle is the GM of RAW? Or when 619 takes his mask of and it’s Kurt Angel?? LOL
    How about Kurt Angle Jack Swagger feud???

  • lawrence

    Yeah I don’t like barret but there r other raw guys good like Morrison. the return of Hhh and give Evan bourne ago wen orton turned the shooting star press in2 the RKO was genius

  • Mr.Hill

    I agree that it’s time to see some new main event guys. Remember last year when we had Cena/Orton every PPV for like 8 months. I wanna see a championship feud that doesn’t involve Cena, can’t he stay out of the main event for a couple months.

  • *%$+¢!?

    Shame-ass. who would be proud of being his fan unless you had a gay crush on the pale ass. sheamus is nothing more than a wannabe bully, in real life he couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper sack. why would wwe give his sorry ass a contract when theres other wrestler who are alot better then shame-ass. AND FUCK SHEAMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DraggingMYballsackONsheamusFACE

    wow, for a second there i thought k law was gonna show up. Haha, i think hes pretending to be this sheamus guy or whatever.

    On a brighter note, i would love to see kurt vs jack.

  • The Fulken

    I think Wade and Orton will have a good and interesting match with Cena in Wade’s corner…

    I would just love to see Angle back in WWE period. Reviving feuds with Triple H, John Cena, and Edge. Feuding more with Undertaker and Randy Orton. Angle vs. guys like Swagger, John Morrison, and Sheamus.

  • Bracey

    ‘Sheamus couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag in real life’
    ‘Or when 619 takes his mask of and it’s Kurt Angel?? ‘

    Honest guys this is like a fucking car crash of comments

  • Tony Whiting

    I’ve seen Rey 619 Without his Mask back when the little turd was in WCW. Cena dont need anymore main event competitionslots Hes already used up! There are younger Talent out there whom I bet will even defeat Cena HHH and even Anus I mean Shaemus! And if Kurt Angle comes back to WWE? Well, I guess he lost in TNA! I like Both TNA and WWE!

  • Ballsack

    gawd if cena help berret win the title i will be so pissed. Cena isnt that great anyway.

  • Alex

    Wade Barrett is waaaaay too green to be in main event title contention, given he’s reduced to stealing mvp’s corner yakuza kick and other moves. Make him bully daniel bryan for the us title or something, but stay the fuck away from the main event spotlight.

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