Alberto Del Rio Inducting His Uncle?, Backstage WWE Creative News

– At one point, WWE was planning on inducting Mil Mascaras into the Hall of Fame this year and have his nephew, Alberto Del Rio, give the induction speech. No word yet if this is still the plan.

– The feeling within WWE creative is that things need to change and be shaken up. It’s expected that something big will be happening soon and it may have been decided on already, but is being kept a secret and most of the creative team doesn’t even know what it will be. It’s being said that things will be different in January of next year. Since nobody knows what that means, nobody can tell if it’s going to be a good or bad thing.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • annonymous

    – Mil Mascaras into WWE HOF?
    Yeah why not. He wouldnt be the strangest inductee theyve ever had (ie Koko B Ware, Pete Rose n William Perry among others)

    – WWE creative planning a ‘shake up’ of the company?
    This means about as much to me as TNAs supposed ‘changes’. Again, its a wait n see…

  • outsidergold

    mil mascaras was in wwe(f)???

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