Edge vs. Swagger Feud, Plans for John Cena and Nexus

– For those familiar with the Ted DiBiase/Virgil angle from the 90’s era, WWE are positioning the John Cena/Nexus storyline very similarly, with the idea that Cena’s treatment will have fans urging him to fight back against his ‘leader’ Wade Barrett. Creative do have a definitive finish in mind for the storyline, but it will continue to be booked week-by-week as it stands.

– As some of you may have figured out, Edge will be starting a program with Jack Swagger over on SmackDown, following his draft last night.

Big News on Bragging Rights, Triple H Spoilers…

Source: Wrestling Observer




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    The Last I E Checked Wade Barrett Is Not The Million Dollar Man! EAT A DICK WADE BARRETT!

  • The Fulken

    No… He’s not The Million Dollar Man… He’s better… WWE actual puts Wade in main events… Can’t wait to see how this angle ends…

  • annonymous

    Wade Barrett can main event all the WWE want, so long as they dont put the belt on him yet. Its way too early.
    On the Edge/Jack Thwagger feud. What the hell do WWE management see in Swagger that nobody else does. They put the title belt on him, then they booked him to lose every damned match. They couldnt think that much of him to waste a month and a half of storylines on him to not win a match.

  • ballsack

    so is edge turning face?

  • scottish

    ok, this is getting really bad. They are now rehashing old story lines from the 90’s. Seriously, are the writers this lazy? Sure, there hands are tied, esp. since the PG rating started. ( by the way, if you notice, it started when Linda Mc started talking about a run for office. if she loses, i bet it might go back…)

    I can’t see Wade winning the belt this early, but i have been shocked before. I can see it now, Wade has Cena help him win the belt and he goes through with it. Orton goes after Cena and Nexus. He gets his ass handed to him and HHH comes back to help, with the stip. that if he gets the belt back, HHH gets first crack at the title. Just then, the human jar of Mayo walks in and HHH destroys him and he gets dropped from main event status for a while. We have a HHH/Orton Feud while Cena is forced to fight his ‘ friends ‘. This garbage gets drawn out until the Royal Rumble, where the final 2 are Wade and Cena. Oh, and before i forget, Cena daws #30 and Wade draws #1 or 2 and orders Cena to trade numbers. So, the final 2 in the ring, Cena and Wade…Wade does his point thing to tell him to leave, but Cena finally says no and wins…blah blah blah…

  • *%$+¢!?

    That mouthy shame-ass clown that leaves stupid comments on this site sure been quiet since hell in a cell. AND FUCK SHEAMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Whiting

    I Bet if Cena tries to fight Barrett , Barrett will kick his cocky ass again! Nexus is OK

  • Tony Whiting

    Oh Yeah I seen RAW! Seman *L* I mean Cena did just what Barrett told him so he can win! I just knew Cena was all mouth and less action! Even his movie Legendary is already out on DVD! Musta had no sellings because it sucked!

  • george

    The feud between cena and wade reminded me of the shawn/jbl storyline two years ago where shawn was working for jbl

  • The Fulken

    I don’t think it has anything to do with being lazy… Coming up with storylines are hard to come by. TNA does the samething… And WWE was PG way before Linda ran for office…

  • bill


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