Triple H Helps Linda McMahon, Bearer Comments on HIAC, More

– Paul Bearer wrote the following on Twitter last night about Hell in a Cell: “About 2am time to try to get some rest. I do appreciate you all no matter what your opinion is of my actions tonight. Business is business. Storyline wise, you must remember UT buried me in concrete. Kane is my blood. Were my actions justified… matter of opinion. Good night.”

– WWE has released a new Nexus Top Rope t-shirt as well as several new Superstar hoodies.

– Chavo Guerrero was in attendance at the San Diego Chargers football game yesterday. Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes, Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Mark Henry were all at the Oklahoma vs. Texas game this weekend.

– Linda McMahon had Triple H out knocking on doors in Fairfield, Connecticut this past weekend to help her Senate campaign. Triple H appeared at the Fairfield Republican Victory HQ that morning to meet supporters before heading out for the door-to-door campaigning.

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  • The Fulken

    As much as I hated Paul turning on Undertaker, he’s right. In his interview last night, Paul even hinted that he was going to turn on Undertaker by saying, he waited 6 years for his revenge. 6 years ago was 2004 when Paul returned with Undertaker at WM20. A few months later, Taker “killed” him at the Great American Bash. So I guess his actions were justified but he better be ready to suffer the consequences of his actions… Only Undertaker can deliver revenge best served cold…

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