Steve Austin Says He May Wrestle One Last Match

Below are some highlights from an interview between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and UK Newspaper The Sun:

Watching Wrestling: “I watch all wrestling whenever I can, I watch WWE and I watch TNA. I’ve just always had that passion for the sport. That’s what inspired me to enter the ring in the first place, I watched wrestling avidly as a kid and back then it was guys battering each other in smoke filled arenas and blood flowed freely. And that’s why I still watch WWE and TNA all the time today, it’s entertaining and takes me back.”

His Neck: “I’m lucky, you know my neck is 100 per cent these days, I can do my own stunts and fight scenes where I can. I don’t claim to be a tough guy, but I give it a go.”

Wrestling Again: “I never thought I’d say it, but when I’m asked about one more match these days I do tend to say ‘never say never’. So don’t rule it out.”




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  • stone cold fan

    Oh HELL YEAH!!!!

  • lawrence

    Ey Der fella …. Sheamus – k law get a life

  • richard

    sheamus sucks nuts for a living he couldnt even beat orton but thats a given thougheveryone knew orton would win against him


    Sheamus! You Pale Mealy Mouthed Son Bitch! U Think Stone Cold Is afraid of Ur tall full faded ass? ehhhh! If anybody wants Stone Cold to come back and Stun this pale Son Bitch to hell post up a HELL YEAH!

  • outsidergold

    sheamus tauntin austin, a match is made… austin gives sheamus the beating of his life sheamus has no idea what is going on.. now THAT would be sick

  • The Fulken

    Just because Austin claims their is a possibility, doesn’t mean it’ll happen. He wouldn’t perform the same way he used to, so I wouldn’t want to see him in the ring as a wrestler but maybe just popping up every now and then to whoop someone’s ass!

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