Rating for WWE’s SmackDown Debut on SyFy

– The premiere of WWE SmackDown on Syfy scored a 1.7 cable rating, with 2.5 million viewers, making it the most watched Friday night on the network in two years.

The program’s debut was considerably less than what it drew on MyNetworkTV, where it often garnered more than 3 million viewers on a weekly basis. The 2.5 million figure is down from the last released SmackDown viewership number, as the September 17 episode averaged 2.77 million viewers.



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  • sheamus

    There is one reason why Smackdown got such a low rating… SHEAMUS…. He blinded people with his pale white skin and made them change the channel…

    FUCK CENA!!!!

  • Leon

    I would have watched Smackdown but I don’t have SyFy because it requires a digital cable box. I think that’s one of the reasons for such a low rating.

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