Live Notes from WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV

– After last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view ended, The Undertaker sat in the ring a few minutes before his music started playing. Taker rolled out of the ring and sat there looking confused before leaving.

– Several kids at the show were seen in tears after John Cena lost to Wade Barrett. Some parents and their kids were seen leaving the arena after Cena lost the match.

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  • junior.805

    Yes we want it dat…we want back our tv 14 back sorry kids im just saying… Nexus rulez…please let john cena be a heel!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    think about this. Cena isn’t turning heel. This is a blackmail angle, where the heel gets in this case Cena to do his dirty work. And while this is going on . Our fallen Hero will secretly take out each member of Nexus until Wade is left. Then Triple H comes out to take out Wade but takes out Cena and is revealed as the true leader of Nexus.

  • Jay

    And plus if Cena turns heel it will be on his own terms.

  • willeterocks

    @sheamus ok dude, i am not happy that orton won either, but really? post sheamus’ entire biography? come on.

  • DJ Rock

    This is great, I might as well tell the nanny to take care of Simone for two weeks because as of October 4 2010 Finally The Rock has come back to the WWE!

  • Jeremiah Crowell

    WWE is getting closed down for good I am sueing them along with millions of fans. If anyone has a problem with that then they can just deal with it.

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