Jim Ross Thinks “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Returning Is “Highly Unlikely”

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsBarBQ.com. Here are the highlights:

Jim Ross on Steve Austin: “Saw where the UK Sun interviewed Steve Austin about another of Steve’s movies being released eminently. Again, when Austin said ‘never say never’ regarding him returning to the ring one can surmise that is true as long as Steve is healthy enough to want to train to get back into the ring but I would be shocked to see Steve ever want to wrestle anyone at anytime at any place in the future.”

“Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Let the rumors begin and the speculation run wild, BROTHER! Steve is immersed in is movie career and to get back into the ring would take time away from that endeavor as Austin would never step back in the ring without several weeks or perhaps even months of preparation. Stone Cold has too much pride to ever step in the ring merely for a pay day and not to give his fans a helluva bout.”




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    Wat about u and him returning at the sametime? can t take Michael Cole any longer ! Let him go to Smackdown !

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