Cena Forced to Join Nexus, The Condemned on TV Tonight

– WWE Films’ The Condemned starring Steve Austin airs immediately following Raw. The action flick replays at 2:05 a.m.

– As John Cena held Wade Barrett in the STF during their bout at Hell in a Cell, two mystery assailants stormed the ring — one distracting the referee while the other blasted The Champ in the head with a foreign object, knocking him out cold and giving The Nexus ringleader the duke.

Per the stipulation of the contest, Cena must join the heel faction.




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  • Darcel

    This goin be good a must see cuz i think goin be a very good heel

  • Natalie Vaughn

    I think this is weird because this is gonna be a craziest night on Monday Night Raw.

  • big will

    it is going to be a crazy raw tonight

  • The Fulken

    Cena is NOT heel… Just because you force a face to join a heel team, doesn’t mean he’s automatically going to do a 360. No doubt Cena will resist against doing whatever Wade wants him to do at first but then he knows he’ll have no choice. Cena is being forced to do whatever Nexus wants him to do basically against his own will. He’s still face but has to do as he’s told… And Cena is a man of his word…

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