Ring Rust Review: HIAC 2010

Welcome to Ring Rust Review today we are going to look at Sunday night’s Hell in a Cell PPV.  For those who do not know this year marks the thirteenth anniversary of Hell in a Cell as well as the debut of Kane.  It should be an interesting PPV as the WWE tries to run a usually very brutal and bloody PPV with a PG rating.

Randy Orton versus Sheamus

I really do not have a favorite in this one, I hate how Sheamus has been pushed down our throats, and I was never a big fan of Orton. That said Orton might get blamed for the recent ratings slide since it started with his reign as champion. They are still pushing Sheamus as the future so I think he will get back the title and defend against a returning HHH.

Kane versus the Undertaker

This feud has been different from any previous encounter; it is odd that this is the first time they will meet inside Hell in a Cell.  I like how Kane has been pushed in this storyline; however what is the point of bringing back Paul Bearer if the Undertaker is going to lose, unless Bearer does a switch turning on the Undertaker. Let’s not forget that last time we saw Paul the Undertaker allowed him to get buried in cement.  The winner of the match will be Kane due to interference by Paul Bearer.

Daniel Bryan versus John Morrison verses The Miz

I do not know why Morrison got thrown into this feud; perhaps he has impressed the powers that be, as he has stepped up his game over the last few weeks. That said he is the x-factor in all this, this could be the start of a good program between Bryan and Morrison so I will give the win to Bryan setting up a full heal turn for Morrison. The Miz will move towards the title picture, I see him cashing in MITB at some point during the PPV.

Natalya versus McCool

For those who do not remember there was a story going around when Natalya first stated that McCool approached her trying to teach her how to wrestle in the WWE, of course being trained in the Dungeon Natalya found this kind of insulting. If this match took place anywhere else but WWE I would say McCool would be in trouble that said look for her to retain with the help of her sidekick.

John Cena versus Wade Barrett

A lot of questions could be answered in this match; there has been speculation that this is the start of Cena’s heel turn.  I do not know if the WWE will pull that trigger, yes he is due for a turn and a fresh start however how that affects the ratings and merchandising sales I do not know.  I also do not know if Randy Orton is ready to replace John as the ultimate face considering that stunt he pulled with Y2J during the closing of Raw I would think not but Vince has done stupid things before. Of course the other theory is that Nexus has run its course and it is time to let that ship sail. I am thinking they will ditch Nexus; Cena is still too much the golden goose and face of this new WWE. If Linda fails to get the senate then maybe we will see a change happen. Well that’s it, until next time…..let’s watch.