No WWE Tribute to the Troops Overseas This Year

Despite previous reports, PWInsider reports that there will not be a WWE overseas “Tribute To The Troops” show in the Middle East this year. However, WWE is looking into doing a similar style show domestically at a military base, possibly in Texas.

We’ll keep you updated on WWE’s plans this year.




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  • King

    why the fuck not no never mind why ask that we know wwe doesn’t care about their history.

  • joeisrael

    well i sure hope if it is domestic it is at Ft. Bliss

  • PowerUp 5000

    WWE ur dropping the ball with this one. Hmmm but The McManhons sure have time and money and helping Linda McManon in Senate race ….hmmmmmmmm..The Troops fight 4 our Country its the least u can do WWE

  • annonymous

    Yeah with Linda’s senate run in Nov, this might be the wrong decision..
    If i were her opponents, id slam her for being a part of a company making this decision..

  • BB

    You idiots… Didn’t the US withdraw troops from Iraq? I know US troops are still in the middle east, but things are obviously changing and the procedure for such a big production may have changed too. WWE still wants to put on a show, but maybe here in the states is the only option available.

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